Explore P3: Coffee at Provision shop & 5 the moments cafe

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We are always on a lookout for good coffee, or maybe I should correct this.. Its good flat white.

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I visited The provision shop quite sometime back but I didnt post about it because one post for one cup of coffee in one cafe would be too short. So I was waiting patiently for more trips to other places so I could write a longer post.

Sadly there are only 2 cafes in this post today as the 3rd one is going on its own!

It was surprisingly quiet on a saturday afternoon at The Provision Shop.

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Didnt order any food because we already had yummy bachormee earlier at bukit merah hawker center.

So we had a slice of carrot cake. Flat white and iced latte.

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The iced latte I had was quite alright, both of us agree that its better than the flat white simon had.

Problem with iced beverages is that it is very difficult for us to get the real taste of the coffee.

The carrot cake was too sweet for me but Simon thought it was nice. He liked it because there were alot of dried fruits inside the cake.

I thought the frosting was perfect though, because the whole time i was just eating them. :p very sinful.

The coffee wasnt satisfying for simon. It was quite bitter and not smooth enough. To date his favourite is still nylon‘s.

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Then the second cafe that we visited was 5 the moments. This is an film photo studio cum cafe. I really like the interior. And the best part was that there was no one except us that day! It was the same day that we went for italian food @ Ristorante Amarone. This explains why I was able to take so much photos of the interior.

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All the local snacks that I haven’t eaten for very long.

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The gelato that we didn’t get to try, sadly.

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Love vintage concept.

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Really love the decor of the whole area. I would go back because of the decor and to try the gelato! Even though I only had the iced mocha, I was still very happy because I got my cravings satisfied! The mocha has a very strong cocoa taste and it wasnt very sweet too! This is how I love my mocha. =D He had his one and only flat white again and wasn’t very happy about the taste too.

Hence, Nylon Coffee is still leading!

It’s actually quite fun to explore Singapore, there are SO many places that we’ve never been before! Will visit more cafes to try out more coffee and write about them again! 🙂

The provision shop is located at 3 Everton Park, #01-79 Bukit Merah, 080003
5 the moments cafe is located at 73 Tg Pagar Rd, 088494

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