Mr Fish & Chips @ Cafe Wok Inn PoMo 

Mr Fish & Chips @ Cafe Wok Inn is always crowded during lunch time and we can never find a seat. But since I have been eating dinner with Simon almost everyday lately we decided to visit on a friday. The no meat friday. Not me but simon cos he is a catholic.

It was surprisingly quiet during the evening. Maybe its just the day we went, I dont know.

This is the shopfront, located at Pomo. Very near umi sushi, the cup, mos burger and yakun kaya toast.

 photo IMG_8176_zpszcrz6rkj.jpg

The interior.

 photo IMG_8179_zpsqqcudaon.jpg

Should have taken a photo of the auntie who took our orders shes so cutttteeeee!!! Recently i keep saying old people are cute but its true what! Right?

 photo IMG_8178_zpslwjhrgxb.jpg

Its already March so I guess the promotion with the free drinks has already ended. We had water chestnut because its refreshing. 😀

 photo IMG_8181_zpsnknob83z.jpg

Oh I actually got a blur photo of the auntie!! Can you spot her? Ahha. So anyway I was staring at the screen the whole time, trying to figure out the taste of the fish while waiting. And was horrified when I see the people pouring vinegar onto the fish. LOL im sorry i used the word horrified! not a fan of vinegar leh!

And now finally to the food! It took a while though.. About 10mins. Lucky I wasnt hungry to begin with otherwise I think I might flip. But 10mins actually is not too bad la haha.

I was telling myself to be patient because 1) good food are worth waiting? 2) they are trying to fry our fish to perfection. Sounds legit right?

So Simon had the classic fish and chips and me fish with mash potato!

They come with a small serving of coleslaw too.

 photo IMG_8186_zpsfrymycci.jpg

The yummy fish!

 photo IMG_8183_zpsytyqpskw.jpg

First the frenchfries. I wasnt very impressed with the fries, its very normal but I dont complain as its not the main!

The coleslaw would be better if carrot strips were added in. I think the mayo taste is too overwhelming. And I need to declare first, claire is not a fan of mayo.

I guess it would be good for you if you are a fan of mayo LOL.

 photo IMG_8188_zpsvwdubouz.jpg

 photo IMG_8187_zpsntde4p2s.jpg

This is my order. Such a pretty one. I really love how it curls up at the end lol!!! I love crispy parts!! Also love that they give me alot of potatoes!

For the mash potato, i would love it if it was warm. It was not super cold but cool enough to call it cold and the sauce wasnt warm enough so it kinda makes me feel abit sad. Cos I was looking forward to some warm mash potatoes.

BUT I have to agree that the taste was interesting. The texture too. Very smooth and I think I tasted a hint of garlic which enhanced the taste of the potato.

Skip this if you hate garlic?

 photo IMG_8189_zpsf4mfwdpe.jpg

And finally the fish! It was good! not very very good but good. It wasnt oily like other fish and chips you ate at other places, you dont feel fat even when you’re eating fried food. Its like guilt free man.

It’s very fresh and you can even see the flakes of meat inside! And guess what I actually eat my fish with the Heinz vinegar provided by them. It was quite good man.. you know especially for someone who don’t like vinegar. Oh by the way I don’t mind vinegar with dumplings, I’m very weird one… 

Oh you have to take the tartar and chilli sauce yourself too. Which is very okay for me. 

So in conclusion.. I will recommend you to give Cafe Wok Inn a visit, because its really quite worth it for $9.90, the only improvement they can consider is to expand the space and menu, and one more! heat the sauce. 😀 

Try to visit during the evening because its forever crowded during lunch, not sure about weekends though! 

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Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions. 🙂 its better that you try it out on your own.