Explore22: Our Halloween Horror Night experience this year!

Oh horrors.

Recently we visited Universal Studios Singapore (USS) in search of ghosts… Fake ghosts lah, not interested in meeting real ones…

Claire whined about going for USS’s Halloween Horror Night for 2 years in a row already, but when I present her with 2 tickets to the event, she whine about how scare she will be going there. What the heck… So hard trying to be a good husband…

Anyways, we finally went last Friday, why on a damn Friday when the horde is out behaving badly and spoiling our image. The horde are just some rowdy kids out to proof something… Let the pictures talk.

See, so many people at 7.30pm. And surprising its not crawling with tourists, but school kids instead…

Oh scary you see people running out..

as the fog dissipates.. you can make out 2 hollows where eyes used to be, seemingly staring at you via the emptiness..

The bluish lights are screwing up with my white balance, black and white it is..

Blood, anyone? 

they’ve got mini LED lamps shining on their faces in this darkness… hmm.. 

Gay moment. I meant gay as in happiness. Don’t believe check the dictionary!

There are 5 haunted houses 2 scare zones and a couple Halloween theme shows for the night. We already walked through 1 scare zone as you can see above, thats the March of the Dead zone.

To get back my money’s worth, we walk really fast wanting to start off with the Suicide Forest before it gets too crowded. We visited the following in order:

  1. Suicide Forest (which is a scare zone)
  2. Old Changi Hospital
  3. Bodies of Work
  4. Hawker Centre Massacre
  5. Hu Li’s Inn

It was kinda crowded already when we arrive at 7.45pm, the event starts at 7.30pm. So to me, the scare factor is even lesser as there are ‘living souls’ everywhere and they go around triggering the scares and screaming hysterically.

The entrance to the Suicide Forest

We got blocked by the March of the Dead which will continue almost around the theme park.

Kinda freaky to wed like this.. 

The scare zone is like a free area you can venture in at your own pace, then as you walk you will meet with the ghosts inside the area, take photos with them if you like, but treat them with respect.

Look at the fear in her eyes.. The place is so dark all the photos are blurry, because I’ve got no flash… 

I don’t know why Claire likes her, maybe the doll in her hands.. 

The truth is I’m a skeptic, and when I go to such places, no matter how immersive they make it to be, I firmly believe that the ghosts and the happenings are all actors and special effects. I only get surprised by ‘jump-scares’ when the brilliant actors come out from a hidden corner where I least expected, and trust me there are lots of such instances, even when I’m usually guarded when I turn every corner. But when I get scared I would laugh and pat the actors on their backs for a job well done.

Claire on the other hand did not fare well on all the houses. We were with Joyce, and when we go into the houses, I would be walking in front while Claire held on to Joyce behind me. I think its so obvious that shes scared to death that the actors would just skip me and go for her instead. LOL.

Well anyways the reason why I said ‘show the actors some respect’ is because we saw a group of wanna-be ah bengs threatening to fight the part-time USS staff who look even younger than that wanna-be. Maybe his girlfriend kena touched and he buesong ai sio pah, or worst case is the stead kena scared till cry so he dulan. Well that’s none of my business since the staff was already calling for backup, but seeing such senseless behavior is really sad.

I heard the actors will get beaten up too because they were doing their job scaring us. That’s ridiculous, if you’re so scared, don’t come. Nothing can justify beating the actors up for doing what they were paid to do. These rowdy kids need some education. Wait till they grow up, then they will know how stupid they were picking a fight out of every little thing. Life is much bigger than that.

Well enough with my life lessons guys. Go buy the tickets soon! There’s only 5 nights left now, 27 – 31st Oct. So go get yourselves scared, but don’t beat anyone up ok.

USS: Halloween Horror Nights 6

27, 30 & 31 Oct
7.30pm – 12.30am

28 & 29 Oct
7.30pm – 1.30am

Be nice.

Simon Tey

Cute right?