Explore Series Special: Our Top 5 frequented Date spots!

I think every now and then there should be a specials in our explore series. And today will be our first special and I’m sharing with you our Top Five Frequented Dates Spots! These places are also featured on WhereTwo, an app where you can find trending activities and places to go with your partner/friends.

I’m not exactly sure why we love this 5 places so much, but these are the places we always go. Whenever we are there, we just kept talking and talking until we forgot about the time. Not that I’m complaining but I’m happy we are doing this as this will help us to communicate and get to know more about each other. ^^

You might think you know your spouse or boyfriend well but there’s always more and new things to know about someone. People are always changing, this includes their interests their thoughts and their taste. Sooooo it’s a never ending process!

Maybe it’s the calming atmosphere, maybe it’s the coffee, or maybe the food. But I really like this 5 places. ^^

1st: Singapore Botanic Gardens 

Holds alot of memories for us. When we first dated, we came here, our first picnic we came here too, even did our casual pre wedding photoshoot here because it’s our favourite place to hang out and chill during the weekends. Botanic Gardens is also a ideal place to take nice photos.

Even though it’s very crowded during the weekends, where everyone’s free to come here and get into each other’s photo. This sounds like what Simon would say… But everytime we come here, walking the same route, we always find new things on top of reminiscing the past, we help remind each other about all the things we said and do as we walk through the gardens. And new things that we didn’t notice the previous times we came here, like that bunch of flowering bougainvilleas near the NUS area and the little museum near that giant kapok tree which we passed so many times but didn’t realise that the museum was there. Everytime we’re here we realised that we indeed came a long way, in our own right. I’m sure everyone will have one or two special places like this that you and your partner shared right?

 photo IMG_8999-2_zps3ikzzh34.jpg

 photo IMG_9004-2_zpsnxzlgk7r.jpg

 photo IMG_0610-2_zpske8desgz.jpg

2nd: Nylon Coffee Roasters 

 photo IMG_6346-2_zpsorscogw3.jpg

Gotta admit that we are serious coffee addicts. To the point that coffee doesn’t keep us alert anymore. We drink it because of the fragrance and the smell. Thank god we are both coffee lovers, can you imagine if one of us hates coffee? That would be terrible.

Anyway, Nylon serves really awesome coffee. The flat white is just so good and original. Simon thinks that the 5oz white is like the best coffee ever, even after we tried so many flat whites from so many different places, nothing beats Nylon’s in his heart.

3rd: Strangers’ Reunion Cafe 

 photo IMG_6292-2_zpszwda9et2.jpg

Simon used to be so crazy over Mcdonald, he loves fries so much! But over the years after being with me I think he start to get really health conscious. Well if you have a wife who eats salad everyday, it’s hard for you to be junky too. :p

Stranger’s Reunion is special to me because it’s our first hangout place after we got back together. It was quite a difficult period back then and thanks to the truffle fries and coffee that helps us to communicate more.

Flat white from Stranger’s reunion is our 2nd favourite by the way. The truffle fries are to die for too!

4th: Cedele Bakery 

 photo IMG_0609-2_zpskxctfmvw.jpg

I first fell in love with Cedele when I tasted the carrot cake. It’s really the bomb. Up to now I still haven’t find any carrot cake that can win Cedele. I’ve been thinking to bake one myself but it’s such a tedious process. 😡 Maybe soon when I moved out. lol!

The 2nd time I fell in love is when I tried the curry pumpkin soup. It’s super good too! Don’t talk about cakes man.. even the salad is good. sigh… why oh why..

 photo IMG_9677-2_zpsplvwop04.jpg

Recently we started to try out other cakes too. Like this caramel cheesecake above? Awesome.

 photo IMG_9668-2_zps80p8qnaf.jpg

And the last! Hakata Ikkousha Ramen!

 photo DSC01305_zpsiy1weoam.jpg

 photo DSC01309_zpsakwuzpcr.jpg

Other than the fact that they provide free flow hard boiled eggs, cos I’m a big fan of eggs. Their ramen is one of the best I’ve tried so far. Throughout the years we’ve been together, we’ve been to Hakata Ikkousha’s both branches like at least 6 times. The ‘Japanese taste’ option for their broth is a real draw, its so rich and creamy you won’t believe its not made of cream. With the awesome char siew slices that melts in your mouth and all the options like softness of your noodles etc. Its like drugs, the ramen had us addicted to it.

We used to love Santouka Hokkaido Ramen too, but its been too long since we go back to Santouka, the most recent time was when we go to the branch near Cuppage road and maybe due to the fact that its more of a bar than a ramen joint, it was disappointing. So it didn’t really made it into this list..

So today’s post has come to an end! Now you know where you will spot us! lol.. Anyway not I want to promote or anything but recently I have been using the wheretwo app for new ideas as to where to explore so we can always try out new things and explore new places.

Wheretwo is like a dating guide app, giving couples idea where to eat, to go and what to do. I really think it’s an very interesting app because I get to see where other couples go and how they think or feel about the place through their reviews. It’s always better to listen to 2 people than 1 right? ;p The app is not only limited to couples though, especially if you are on dating app and have no idea where to bring your potential partner then I suggest you can try this app out too!

They also hold giveaways every now and then which is a great deal to me cos I’m cheapo like that! Especially when they give out those cute merry and milk stickers (well you only know this if you’re using the between app) and movie tickets. :p

Soooo if you are always checking out places to go with your partner or friends and at the same time wanting to win movie tickets and cute gifts then you should check out wheretwo!

Above post is a collaboration with Between/wheretwo app. But do note that all opinions are of my own. 

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