Kill me Heal me korean drama review

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Kill me Heal me is one of my favourite drama because it’s very different from the usual korean drama series! I was home for 3months and I shortlisted a list of dramas to watch and this is just one of those that I thought that could help me to pass time.

During this time I also watched pinocchio, the heirs, she was pretty and a few others which I cant really remember the titles already. These dramas also made me go crazy over the male leads like ย lee min ho, lee jong suk and park seo joon! They always dressed up so nicely and they always act in a way that make girls go gaga over them.

Things like being gentle towards the girl, fight for the girl and all those things that only happened in drama lol!! I think the reason why girls are so crazy with dramas is because those acts will not happen in the real world. Too unrealistic already.

Anyway today let me talk about kill me heal me first as it is not the usual typical romance made me sob kind of series. I saw the sypnosis on dramafever and thought it was super interesting because this guy (the male lead Ji Sung) has split personality. Well it sounds pretty normal until I read that he has SEVEN personalities and the best part? He is acting all the 7 characters out in the drama.

Wow. Did he get any award for this I wonder? Thats tough work man. Before that I was doubful too because the series only has 20 episodes so how is he going to portray all the 7 personalities? But yes he did that and the drama was amazing.

The drama has everything I want, medical related, romance, suspense, mystery and it was super funny when Ji Sung transformed into Nana! Then there’s also Ahn Yo Na (another female personality and also ahn yo sub sister)

His main personalities are Cha Do Hyun and also Shin Se Gi. These 2 characters are a total opposite but he played them so well. A hint from me! Both of them are in love with the female lead!

I really love how he managed to switch his acting skills according to the different types of characters. Cha Do Hyun seems like a very normal and serious person from the start and its really hard to imagine him going crazy and fierce at the later parts of the series.

I also like how the series slowly reveal his history and cause of the mental problems and how they linked the whole thing to the female lead (Hwang Jung Eum). Super love the happy ending because it was such a emotional roller coaster throughout the show!

Also there is Park Seo Joon in this show so it is a MUST WATCH! His relationship with Hwang Jung Eum are pretty complicated too. *smirk*

Anyway I shouldnt talk so much about it so you should go and watch it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ will talk about other drama soon but now let me work on my house first! ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh anyway Ji Sung got a grand prize for the 2015 MBC drama awards, he totally deserves it! The seven characters are Cha Do hyun, Shin Se gi, Ahn Yo Sub, Ahn Yo Na, Perry Park, Nana, Mr X. Remember this is a must watch!!!ย 

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