E43, S-series: Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe review


We went to Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe recently for dinner.

The location on map was quite close to where we stay. Its within the general area of the Seletar Airport and Seletar Aerospace Park. Its actually next to the Seletar Airport Control Tower. We came in our friend’s ride, because if we were to take public transport, we would have to walk a good 30mins in our Singaporean weather to the cafe. By then we would have look like we just took a shower.

Maybe that’s why its called a Bicycle Cafe, because you either drive or cycle there.


There were a couple of vintage cars in front of the cafe, quite sure the boss owns it. The other vintage pickup truck looks like a permanent fixture to me.


They used old bicycles as their decoration. I believe they called themselves bicycle cafe also because the cycling enthusiasts would make a pit stop here while riding around the area. I’m guessing.


A nice rustic bike themed interior.


The menu, they serve a mix of dishes ranging from Western, local to Japanese. And an even more comprehensive drinks menu including alcohol. 


Seems like the main draw about this place is the after working hours chill vibe.


I had a Katsudon, really really salty, like free flow ajinomoto in this thing. I dropped maybe 300 strands of hair from this dish.


Claire’s Unatamadon. Likewise, the saltiness.. I know because I finished half of this, made me drop like 100 strands.



The friends’ meal, other than the burger patty, which tasted like its handmade, the rest of the items tasted like its from the freezer in Cold Storage, I believe its like that these days, so the taste depends on which supplier you get them from…


See the insides, this must be the tastiest item on our spread. 


And because its a cafe, I had to have a cuppa. It tasted ok, serves the purpose, just nothing spectacular.

In conclusion, if you ask me, I think I wouldn’t really come here to eat. I think I’ll most probably make the trip here for the environment. We sat at the semi al fresco area (because we’re outside but still under shelter..) The breeze from the sea, blew pass the airport grounds without much resistance. Well its an airport right, generally flat grounds. The occasional private plane landing in the night and the brightly lit control tower. All these calls for alcohol people. But I usually only drink with our ‘oldest friends’, because they always drink. LOL

A really great place to chill, that’s the summary from the above paragraph.
Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe
80 MAJ Aviation Building
Seletar Aerospace View
Singapore 797563
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