E27: Off we go to Geylang for durians, porridge and zi char! YUM!!

Wow.. I think I need more outings like this. This is the first time I have durians outside, and also the first time I have durians at Geylang.
Had dinner and durians after our escape game at Encounter. Click here if you wanna check out Simon’s review of the hospital.

We had dinner at this coffee shop place that sells tze char and porridge. Unfortunately I have no idea where the exact location is. Simon told me the address is 512 geylang road but I don’t know why I can’t find many pictures when I google this place. Pretty weird but anyway food first.

 photo IMG_3783-2_zpsksnztyjg.jpg

Everyone ordered porridge and I had century egg. The porridge was okay but I would prefer A1 one or Ah Chiang’s.

 photo IMG_3784-2_zps4yiyjvcj.jpg

Ordered sweet and sour pork too and it was quite good!

 photo IMG_3785-2_zpszg7wcgwa.jpg

and also Egg Fu yong because some of us were craving for it I guess. lol.

After our dinner (pretty expensive) it’s DURIAN TIME!

 photo IMG_3786-2_zps0vwjkmwp.jpg

Went to Fruits Top 1 Department store for durians and I have no idea what is what.

 photo IMG_3788-2_zpsz9vzwwfk.jpg

I am not a huge fan of durians and I don’t crave for them too.

 photo IMG_3789-2_zpsww0fp5vz.jpg

the guys wanted to take the mao shan wang but we tried the cheaper normal durians first instead.

 photo IMG_3790-2_zpsbvse03uz.jpg

end up we just eat the cheaper durians, about 6 of those and we are already full.

 photo IMG_3792-2_zpskh8d22z0.jpg

but these durians are very good and creamy too!!

 photo IMG_3793-2_zps0jzgmbsk.jpg

 photo IMG_3794-2_zpss6lnmbz8.jpg

durian durian although you’re delicious but i’m still not addicted to you. 😀

Till the next outing with the group!!

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