HDB BTO P9: House in a mess.

I am very tired lately. Alot of things to do. Not enough time to do. I snap easily and I just get very frustrated with every single thing.

I was vacuuming the floor last weekend and I suddenly got so irritated with the heels/sneakers/flats that were on the floor. I got irritated with the study room too. I am angry that I haven’t set up my vanity area.

Just for the record, we haven’t even get shoe cabinet yet. Which explains why all the shoes are on the floor. zzz

It is already November, sorry I should correct myself. soon it’s going to be December. And all I’m thinking about is holidays holidays and holidays. My colleagues and friends are nagging at me because I havent invite them over for housewarming. Well it’s not that I don’t want. It’s because my house is not ready yet.

We don’t even have the time to go to IKEA nowadays. God knows why we are so busy or so lazy. Actually I know why but I just don’t feel like sharing today.

After our bali trip and the itinerary for penang, I will focus on the house and get everything done by end of this year!

 photo IMG_5554_zpsaupvxv76.jpg

This is my living room wall by the way. Drill in 2 shelves and added some frames and plants. It is disturbing because CS reminds me of my colleague. my gosh.

And here its my living room! Damn messy right now but I will show you again once we tidy everything up. :p

 photo DSC02338_zps5hftxzrb.jpg

Till then! Time to shop for furnitures!

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