Mylife: Yakun kaya toast orchard Ion outlet taste different?

The previous saturday we went to HDB to sign some documents and went to orchard next to collect our crabtree and evelyn items. I was so lucky to win the between app and crabtree & evelyn contest! Kekeke. Will do a review on them because the cookies are so yummy!

Anyway I still havent get my keys, very frustrating. Another post on this then. Hopefully my doors are still intact with no ‘mushrooms’.

So after the signing of the documents, we went to orchard. Decided to visit the newly opened yakun kaya toast at Ion orchard basement to have some old school coffee, eggs and my favourite toast.

To my disappointment, the toast tastes different from the usual. If you are a Yakun Fan, I’m sure you remember the wonderful taste of the combination of their sweet kaya and the salted butter, but the butter at Ion wasn’t salty at all.

I was thinking if they changed to unsalted butter instead.. Or they happened to run out of unsalted butter in the outlet which technically doesnt make sense right?

I haven try any toasts since then, not there or anywhere else. If they really change the butter then usally will be implemented across all outlets ma.. Right? Hopefully its just that one time incident. I cant believe i think so much on this BUT isnt it sad if the toast doesnt have the original taste anymore?

Simon, can we go back to Ion to try them again?

So people.. Have you been to the yakun at orchard ion? And does the toast taste similar or different?

Puzzled claire