Starbucks breakfast, worth the money?

There was this exclusive starbucks member contest/lucky draw kind of thingy where you can win a Swarovski tumbler. (already ended) And one of the requirements is to purchase 2 breakfast set meals.

From the start I was already whining that it’s very expensive. But since his intention is to win the tumbler for me, I decided to go with him. I have never tried their breakfast before and I thought YES I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT!

By the way I have tried a few of their pastries and cakes, and my favourite is still the raspberry cheesecake. And probably the only thing I would order at starbucks other than my usual caramel macchiato and mocha and and and vanilla latte.

So on this random sunday in February, we went to Hougang Mall starbucks for brunch.

Introducing the Breakfast Perfect Pairing Starbucks @ $6.90 per set! I want to know who is the one taking these photos, because this guy has done a very good job. I was really looking forward to my puff.. UNTIL I saw the real thing in front of me sitting there like he hasn’t been taken care of for a very long time.

Well, I was trying to be positive and I thought that he will look better after he has been heated up sooooo I went to sit down and wait patiently for my food. ^^v

 photo DSC01129_zpsacn4u34k.jpg

 photo DSC01131_zpshlf6pdck.jpg

So… Here comes my Croque Madame Puff. 

 photo DSC01132_zpss7p3aqbu.jpg

Very disappointed because I was looking forward to runny yolk and whites but it was hard and dry instead. Doesn’t look appetising also right?

This is his grilled chicken, mushroom, spinach and egg sandwich.

 photo DSC01135_zps1esfjlab.jpg

 photo DSC01134_zpsn10pksmi.jpg

It’s just not good. I would rather have a mcmuffin at macdonald’s.

I guess I should have lower my expectations because the food is not freshly cook/bake as they have no equipment and time for that. But $6.90 for the breakfast is way too overpriced. This amount can get me a Mcdonald’s breakfast set or 2-3 pc of bread from breaktalk or four leaves. :/

If you have no choice and have to get your breakfast from Starbucks then I think the granola yogurt, pancakes/waffles and croissant, chicken and apricot? sandwich would be a better and safer choice.

Anyway do keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and maybe the food is better at other outlets, please don’t let my comment affect you.

Thiis post makes me miss my egg benedict from SPRMKT SO MUCH. I want to go back again for the eggs and croissant. I will be blogging that soon so it’s time for some good food/egg porn. 😀

Food is so important, omgosh.

Till next then,