Hello Kitty cafe in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Wow this is good news! Because I’m gonna visit for sure. =D

The hello kitty cafe is opening at Changi Airport in May 2016, which is like only 1month plus away. I am not going to visit the cafe so soon because it’s gonna be damn crowded for sure. And talk about hello kitty, yesterday I was at Dhoby Xchange and actually saw a hello kitty cafe too, it’s called characters cafe or something? But if I’m not wrong, it was a rilakkuma cafe previously leh.. Does the theme changes?

I’m actually quite curious how they prepare and cook their food? :O Maybe at the Bonjapan shop! That explains why they have a ‘kitchen’ inside.

So back to the Hello Kitty cafe at Changi Airport, I am looking forward to it and hope that the food is good! Will definitely visit and blog about it! 😀

I wish to visit a Melody cafe though, that would be cute. ^^ Do you know where I can go for Melody?

By the way the husband is thinking of visiting Gardens by the bay this coming friday or saturday to see Cherry Blossoms! It’s only until 27th March so if you want to go then better go soon! I want to go osaka. 🙁