The A4 size waist viral bullshit #NOTPAPERTHIN

A4 waist challenge, belly button challenge and that stupid thigh gap thingy is just freaking bullshit.

I don’t even know what all these challenge is trying to prove, that you’re skinny?

 photo IMG_8854_zps6rdaf30w.jpg

Someone who is tall and skinny might not even have a A4 size waist. Someone who can hide behind that piece of paper might even have flabby stomach. This challenge is just total bull.

Then the next one, belly button challenge, where ‘you reached your belly button from behind to show your good figure’. My gosh, this one totally depends on the person’s flexibility, has nothing to do with skinny or fat!

Even though alot of people are against this, but there are also alot more who are affected by the trend. They would think that they are fat because their waist is wider than an A4 size paper. -_- thanks to this people might starve themselves now.

This is a really unhealthy social trend and I hope people with body image issues won’t be further affected by this. Just eat clean and work out regularly and ignore all these stupid trends ok?

Being fit and healthy is more important. By the way recently I just started on the figurerobics workout by Jung Da Yeon, all the body aching is so worth it. LOL! Before that I was doing taebo and aerobics. Hopefully the switch is a good move.

 photo IMG_8851_zpsckobjmqd.jpg

Seeing some progress, keep going! A4 waist, SCREW YOU.

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