Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Duo Review! Cheap n good?

Hi hi hi. I have really ugly eyebrows, and er hem.. I DON’T TRIM/THREAD/PLUCK them at all.

I’ve been relying on the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil to make myself look normal. So far it’s working pretty well and I dare to say that it has been 4years since I stepped into a beauty salon and do something to my brows. :p

I am so proud of myself because I save up that 5-10bucks. -_-

The Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil costs me only $5.90. Such a good deal. I can use it for about 2-3 months, maybe even more. But it’s lacking.. in a sense that it doesn’t really define my brows as much as I want it to be, and other products just make them too intense. *headache*

 photo IMG_8310_zpsokr04ho9.jpg

I tend to be very careful with pencil too as a wrong stroke can mean hell to a brow perfectionist like me. (contradicting when I don’t even go and trim them) So it will take me around 10mins to do my brows every morning. I also have problems with the end of my brows because pencil is just not that good for the end. Somemore it’s flat so if I’m not too careful with it, I might end up with a thick end.

So a week ago, it’s time for me to get my pencil again! I went to Etude house and saw that they have a new product! Sorry la I havent been to Etude house for months hence I really don’t know when did they launch this. But the girl told me that it’s new so I guess it’s launched quite recently right? 

It’s the new Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Duo! Price $13.90 which I have been enjoying so far! 

 photo IMG_8311_zpsih9tj4ve.jpg

This baby has powder on one side of the product instead of the normal spoolie. Good and bad I would say.

Good because the powder helps to cover up the white space in between my brows, but the spoolie helps to smooth out my brows too.

If only there is a product that encompasses all the 3 things that I need.. Powder, pencil, spoolie. Then life will be much better. ‘m sure there’s a eyebrow palette or something out there but I want it to be in pen form as it’s easier to carry around.

Of course If I have to choose between this 2, it would be the one with the powder as it really helps to define my brows.

 photo IMG_8154_zps4iayamdm.jpg

After shower and doing my makeup, using it for the first time and like it very much. 🙂

 photo IMG_8313_zpsptdqj7ku.jpg

I also like how they make the powder into a round shape kind of application, which makes it easier for me to extend my brow.  😀

 photo IMG_8234_zps9hwebm81.jpg

Purposely band up my fringe to let you have a better look. Looks pretty tidy I would say!

And I have to show you a photo of me with the pencil version one as well so you can compare them better. You can see here that my brows looks abit baldish right?

 photo IMG_8054_zpsnmjazzps.jpg

That is why I like the eyebrow duo better. 😀

Of course I would still be on a lookout for my ultimate favourite eyebrow product, and if I find it I will def share here again! 😀

And by the way I will be doing the 6D nano korean eyebrow embroidery coming March, which I am very excited about it! Can’t wait to see those pretty eyebrows on my face! 😀

So which eyebrow product is your favourite? let’s share! 🙂

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