Men duped by fake social escort job ads in Singapore

Several men in Singapore have been duped by online advertisements promising high paying male social escort jobs (quote from

Obviously my first reaction was WHAT THE F***? I’m well aware of female social escort jobs but not male! And I heard from my friend that these female social escorts can earn up to 5digits or more a month. (maybe a week who knows) Anyway she has a friend who work as one, so that’s why she know la..

I don’t know anyone that is one, and I doubt that they will admit they are too. I mean.. People will judge. I went to look at the comments on the article and already people are scolding.

Initially I thought the men that got scammed are stupid too. BUT when I give this a serious thought, (recently I’ve been doing alot of thinking), they might actually have their own reasons to be an escort.

I mean theres always a reason why people do certain things, why people prefer right than left or black rather than white. Theres always a reason and who am i to judge their decisions?

I guess the guys just have to be more alert when dealing with online ads because there’s a high chance that it could be a scam. But honestly its quite difficult to know if its scam anot, you cant even ask ur friends about it and the possibility of escort sharing their real identity is quite low as well right?

So anyway! Whether you’re a female or male! Just be more careful and alert. 🙂

Its sad to be scammed or cheated you know.. Really hope there will be a decrease of scam cases. :/