Singapore Star awards 2016.. I support..

Singapore star awards 2016 is coming! You can check out here for the nominations!

I’m sharing who I will be supporting this year!

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I can’t decide who I liked better, Rui En or Jeanette Aw in the dream makers 2. It was such a awesome show by the way! And I also love the theme song!

Rui En is very different from her usual cool self so I guess this is quite a challenge for her. I was expecting more for the disfigured part though.. the period was too short I guess.. And as for Jeanette Aw, I love how she act out the depression role. It was really intense! If I really really have to vote for one, then I guess it would be Jeanette Aw this time round. Zoe Tay still acted pretty much like her own style so maybe not this year. What do you think? Who are you supporting?

A pity I didn’t watch Sealed with A kiss and 118 if not I will be able to talk more about Rebecca Lim and Ya hui’s roles.

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And as for supporting actress.. I am supporting Julie Tan in the Dream Makers 2. I really hate her character in the show, really want to slap her! But this also means that she has done well for her role! I’m sure you agree too. But really damn bitchy la hahaha.

Okay, quite excited. can’t wait for the show, I like to see them dress up every year. By the way you notice that I did not discuss about the actors? Lol I prefer actresses. :p Alright I shall end here and start counting down. 😀

You can leave a comment to let me know who you will be supporting too! 🙂

April 13th update: Today just read the news (source: about Rui En’s accident, this is really happening at the wrong time. I think it’s going to be very awkward at the star awards this year. And why is she drinking in the afternoon? Nevertheless let’s wait for more news..

April 24 update: Rui En apologized and Im so proud of her. I think people should stop hating her. :/ anyway julie tan and jeanette aw won the awards! I knew it. =D