Mcdonald Nanoblock Limited Edition Collector’s Kit review :D

Heh Heh. All thanks to my hub that I have this now! 😀 They are so cute! cute cute cute!

 photo DSC01150_zpscxbocwod.jpg

 photo DSC01169_zpsjb2rlcis.jpg

I have the Mcdonald Restaurant model, coke cup/cold cup?, Big Mac, French fries, Mcflurry and my favourite apple pie all over here in mini version. ^^ Now all I need next is my Mccafe cup!

Let Claire tell you a story. Xiao Ming and Xiao Li went to MCdonald..

 photo DSC01160_zpsz01pb6rv.jpg

 photo DSC01163_zpsbxikm0ih.jpg

and they ordered the Big Mac meal. Sorry I am overwhelmed with the cuteness that I actually come up with this shit story.

So anyway let’s go into the details! lol!

 photo IMG_8300_zpsd0qrurjg.jpg

Pretty straightforward for the Mcdonald restaurant. This basically looks like the nanoblock resort cottage that I had right now. Not exactly alike alike, but the structure is quite similar.

 photo IMG_8297_zpsqpsdfdvv.jpg

Here’s the big Mac where you get the sesame seeds on the bun! omg super cute.

 photo IMG_8296_zpsgeibvz3s.jpg

Then there’s veggies, cheese and the patty. HAHAHA so cute.

 photo IMG_8293_zps62zoc5bf.jpg

The coke cup (why they call it cold cup?)

 photo IMG_8294_zpsgysogy5l.jpg

The details again! The straw where they have both red and yellow colours =D

 photo IMG_8295_zpsdysolx7t.jpg

 photo IMG_8301_zpskupgvao9.jpg

And we have the french fries that are ‘fry’ individually!

 photo IMG_8302_zps2epdafgt.jpg

Wanna have one? lol!

 photo IMG_8291_zpsnmzzqfza.jpg

 photo IMG_8292_zpsnrnt0tgg.jpg

And my favourite icecream Mcflurry! hahha the oreo crumbs!! This is SUPER CUTE PLEASE. and the spoon. so cute!!

 photo IMG_8299_zpssouhfy9q.jpg

Lastly how can we forget the apple pie!

 photo IMG_8298_zpszvfpvcee.jpg

where the apple fillings are coming out!

My colleagues went at 12plus pm today and it was already all sold out. Lucky I asked S to help me to buy first! And abit upset why they don’t want to include the MCcafe cup! It’s also very cute!

And as I mentioned before, this cannot be disassembled. They are all for display. After unboxing them and playing with them, I guess it’s worth it to spend this money even though they are for display only. =D Have you got yours? They are cute right? Yay to nanoblock lovers and collectors 😀 Mcdonald can you come up with more nanoblocks? 😀

Claire is overwhelmed.
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