[Simonseries] Taiwan trip: Simon’s POV Part 2

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ok, I have to admit that the part 1 was quite a mess, so now I’m back to churn out another messy post that is Part 2.

First, we need to have our breakfast.

Homemade breakfast! Steady lah!

The BnB owner deliver these homemade breakfasts for us from his main house, not too bad right? A balanced diet is important no matter where we go!

And so we start our exploration. First we took a bus from the bus stop, located conveniently near our room, to Jinguashi Gold Museum (金瓜石黃金博物館). The funny thing about us… or maybe its just me… is that I go to a museum complex, but I never enter any of the museums etc… We just kinda bypass the place, bought some snacks and souvenirs, tabao lunch, then off we go out of the place and up the mountains..

At this point, we went up to visit the Shinto Shrine in the area… but.. well.. its not very interesting, because all thats left of the shrine are pillars. Nothing else.

See people wear like that to climb these endless steps.. just to look all sweaty with hair sticking to her face in front of this featureless Torii gate. Anything for a glamorous OOTD eh?

The most interesting thing at the shrine is this guy trimming the wild grass in the area and I wonder how tired he must be climbing all the stairs to this place just to cut them grasses.. *respect*

So we went back down to the Gold Museum compound, took a short break before we go conquer the Teapot Mountain ( 无耳茶壺山). More stairs to climb!!

Lots of Jap Silver Grass.

And we arrived at the ‘teapot’.

Before coming to Taiwan I already did some research on the mountain, apparently after we climb to the top of the mountain, we can climb through the hole in the ‘teapot’ (which is a huge rock that kinda look like a teapot) and emerge from the other side where there’s another trail towards banping mountain (半平山). But i guess I over-estimated us.. Because we can’t even climb through the ‘hole’ in the ‘teapot’, we arrive too late and Claire was too scared to climb the rocks (honestly I’m a little scared too, but i wanted to try climbing the rock after coming all the way here.). I didn’t manage to climb through the hole because Claire was very very worried about the possibility of me falling, I can tell from the way she frozen stiff at at the base of the trail to the rock when I look back from the rock. So I guess I better don’t try anything funny…

View from the teapot. Spot Claire! and the pavilion on the right was where we had our lunch… more like Dinlunch, its 5pm if I remembered correctly…

One thing I found out in these mountains is that there are tonnes of these Japanese Silver Grass covering the mountain! No trees in sight! Its so different from places like…. Cameron Highlands? Where the ‘Cloud forest’ is full of life, both plants/trees and animals. Even Japan when we visited Nikko, its covered with ancient trees. Yahor, now that I’m thinking of it while typing this post.. I should go find out..

After this photo, its a mad rush down the mountain before the sun sets completely, very exciting. We almost roll down the endless steps. Then brisk walking to the bus stop and fight with local kids leaving the nearby school on an extremely crowded public bus speeding along the winding mountain road where one wrong move would send us tumbling down the side of the mountain to our horrible death, with these school kids. Back at Jiufen old street (safely of course, if not I won’t be writing this post) for dinner. I can’t remember what we had, probably Claire’s version will include food, as always.. LOL

Till next time on Part 3.


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