Misato Japanese food @ The Cathay

We were skeptical when we sat at Misato just one month ago. It’s too hard to find cheap and good food nowadays so when we were waiting for our food to come, we were expecting that the food to be at least edible.

But the food were more than edible. To the extent that we went back 3 times in a month’s time!

Actually no lah.. it’s because we want to save more money! The husband is being pressured by me because I want him to save MORE. This is the problem when you have a cute wife who has a hobby of saving money. HAHAHA. just kidding~

But the food is really not too bad, like my favourite favourite would be the curry rice, I liked how they put in effort to present their food and the auntie even told me to eat the cherry tomato because it’s imported from Japan. Maybe you will want to know how it taste, but I usually give the very standard answer which is, : tomato lor, like that lor. Okay lah. it’s very sweet. 

Compared to Yoshinoya’s, I would choose this anytime. (the price is around the same that’s why I use yoshi as comparison)

 photo IMG_7695-2_zpsqwx7y1y2.jpg

The first time we had Misato Oyakodon and Ebi Donburi. $7.90 and $9.90 respectively.

 photo IMG_7704-2_zpsnmcrpviz.jpg

As much as I love eggs, this is a little bit too eggy for me. It’s also too wet which makes the rice lose its original texture. But overall it’s not too bad.

 photo IMG_7708-2_zps5k5x8gnq.jpg
Claire nearly stole the pig. 

 photo IMG_7702-2_zpslxbmgrkw.jpg

The Ebi is better, everything just right.

 photo IMG_7954-2_zpsl0chklrw.jpg

The karaage don $6.90 is pretty standard. very hard to go wrong la unless you use expire oil to fry the chicken.

 photo IMG_7962-2_zpsbtkglno0.jpg

Here comes the best dish, the curry chicken, the chicken katsu curry $7.90 with the only one imported cherry tomato.

 photo IMG_7964-2_zpszrtywshq.jpg

I’m still thinking if they are using the instant japanese curry paste where you can find in the supermarket BUT the taste doesn’t really taste that ‘instant’. The rice is abit hard and the chicken is abit tough too.

I guess they kinda fail at frying their chicken meat.

OH we also tried the Matcha Zenzai Mochi (sadly I didn’t take any pic) @ $4.90. It’s quite nice and not too sweet. Especially love the azuki beans and the grilled mochi.

There are still a few items that I would like to try though.. Especially the cheesy something dish and the funny looking gyoza lol! 

Overall its not too bad for the price and I kinda like the curry rice over there, not too sure if its my cravings playing any tricks here but the curry does taste a little different from the others. Another thing I like about Misato is that the staffs are all very friendly and welcoming which is a plus point! 

So I guess you already know where to go for japanese food if you’re on a budget yet want something good. 🙂 

And I shall end my post here today and work on other posts!