Empress Ki South Korean Television Series

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Today is the last episode of Empress Ki on Channel U and I’m so sad. Sad not because it’s the ending, sad because the emperor dies. (ok i know im super late but I just watched it!)

As much as I love those high school romance korean drama, (example the heirs) I also like this kind of historical, fighting over money and power types.

Honestly I don’t watch every episodes, but my mum and grandmother are hardcore fans of this show hence I got to know about the plot from them.

Alot of fights (as usual) but I’m really attracted to how devoting the emperor is towards cheng niang. Cheng Niang didn’t had strong feelings towards the emperor until the later part of the show and this is my favourite part because it makes my heart flutters whenever I see the 2 of them together. Also my fav scene would be when Cheng niang offers herself to him. I think this is when she finally admits her feelings and also accept the emperor’s feelings for her.

Initially I don’t really like the emperor as he seems so childish and playful, but along the way with cheng niang’s guidance, he became more sensible and matured.

Cheng Niang is like so expressionless, she should smile more lor. Her smile can make me melt man. (fan girling now) Yes i’m a fan of ha ji won since secret garden.

Of course there is always the 3rd party who is Wang Yu. Not sure if I should talk more about this character. I understand when you watch a drama halfway and you just want to know more about the plot and ending. BUT if I give it away then it will not be interesting for you anymore.. :p

Of course I hate alot of characters in this show like the dowager (seems like dowagers are always evil!!) the former former empress and the former empress.

Main point is I really adores how the emperor sacrificed himself for cheng niang. But this is all drama.. sadly.. (actually S sacrificed alot for me too :P) And of course I got a new idol now. 😛 Ji chang wook! He’s very handsome! haha. I like how he looked at cheng niang sia! I looked for their videos in youtube and everytime he looks at her he is like totally mesmerized!

I actually watched quite alot of korean drama during my holidays, thinking if I should blog about them. heh heh. If you like this kind of show then I would recommend you to watch it if you haven’t!

Alright till next post!

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