The New KFC Spicy Sambal Rice Bucket. =D and……

Simon and I tried out the new KFC Spicy Sambal Rice bucket on Wednesday.
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This may look VERY spicy but trust me. It is not. The sambal rice bucket includes the rice, popcorn chicken, ikan bilis, alot of them and the sweet sambal sauce. You can taste the original popcorn chicken clearly, somehow it is quite hard for the chicken to absorb the sambal sauce.

I love that they put in alot of ikan bilis! It is very addictive when you eat them with the rice. =D one thing though.. it is super oily.

I’m not sure how rice bucket is make in KFC, but I am guessing that these rice buckets are already pre-prepared with the popcorn chicken, and when someone orders them, the staffs will just pour the hot sauce over the rice and chicken.

I don’t think the rice bucket is healthy but having it once in a while can be quite fun too. Pretty quick meal and one of the most value for money meal in KFC. The portion is pretty big and can really fill one up. $5 with a drink is a pretty ok price as well.

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Somehow it looks like tori q here.

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How can we not order cheese fries when we are at KFC? I am quite surprised that cheesefries is $4 now.

 photo IMG_4470_zpskdf6nzuw.jpg

The hungry Simon also ordered the new ultimate value box – cheese and bacon lil sub to try at $5.90.

The sub like the name says, is really little. We are guessing it is made with the gardenia hotdog bun. =p

 photo IMG_4471_zpslqvkyzbu.jpg

and check out the cheese and bacon! Don’t expect too much.

 photo IMG_4466_zpslrc2gord.jpg

I am quite happy that they give us the chicken thigh actually.

Other than KFC, we also tried the Tatsuta-Age Chicken Burger from Mos Burger recently! I actually really like that. It is like eating kaarage with burger buns but in a good way as it is very juicy and very shiok!
 photo 14141887_1078229145593861_6880119709764625842_n_zps1qojxyv6.jpg

Guess what I am going to try next? Ebi burger with the new fish dippers! 😀 Will blog too. ^^v

Qns: Have you tried the sambal rice bucket? 

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