[S-series] The Michelin Starred, Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta Ramen, is opening in Singapore!

Dear friends,

If you know me well enough, you will know I absolutely LOVED Japanese Ramen! Although I always prefer Tonkotsu ramen, I will eat any ramen anyone would throw at me!

Photo taken from Tsuta Ramen Singapore Facebook page

And so, when I read the Michelin starred Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta Ramen from Japan is opening a franchise here within our shores, I can hardly keep my excitement subdued! I’m so gonna end all my sentences with an exclamation mark!

I read on their Singapore Facebook page its opening a 18-seat joint here along Scotts Road in October, that’s x2 the capacity of their original Japan joint! Picture this, a 9-seat tiny ramen joint was awarded a Michelin star! Beat that!

Photo taken from Michelin Guide Singapore.

The owner-chef Yuki Onishi was known for his signature Shoyu Soba; made with dashi (soup stock) made from beef, vegetables, clams and soy sauces including one custom brewed from a brewer in Wakayama Prefecture, top it all off with some atas black truffle oil. He wanted to emphasize on creating a unique Japanese and umami taste (familiar?) using only fresh Japanese ingredients and zero flavour enhancers, I can never understand why do we need to use chemicals instead of using real food for flavours. Anyways with that thought in mind, the Singapore shop will only use ingredients flown in from Japan.

The shop will also serve Miso Soba and Shio Soba, but we really need to try the Shoyu Soba because that’s what made Tsuta Ramen famous!

I’m going to plaster my face to their facebook page, staying tune to when exactly they will open their doors to drooling me!

Simon Tey