SDWC – Doing Housework VS Exercise/get to know more about me too.

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I am not trying to brag but I have never use a washing machine before. I was staying with my grandmother all this while and she don’t really want me to do anything except washing the dishes. I think it is because I am always screwing something up, for example there was once where I poured melted candle wax down the toilet sink and totally block the drainage pipe. She had to unscrew the pipe, dig out the wax, and while digging she also found my earrings! HAHAHA. I guess now you must be judging me but nobody is perfect ok? At least I share with you my clumsy side.

Anyway I have already learn from my mistake and I hope you don’t do something like this too.

Since now I have a house, I have to wash my own clothes. Ok technically I am in charge of hanging the clothes after they are washed and folding them. But last Saturday i just feel like washing the clothes and doing something more. So I ask Simon to teach me how to operate the machine and after abit of confusion, well since we are texting.. I finally know how to operate my washing machine!

It is actually quite fun! I love watching those clothes spinning in the machine, I find that very therapeutic. You can try that next time.

Today my SDWC article is related to housework because I feel sad that I am working out lesser lately. And I am sorry that I talk so much earlier because they are totally unrelated, or maybe they are but just super random.. >,<

Anyway you know I have to do housework now and I thought that maybe doing housework is counted as exercising too since I am also burning calories and getting muscle ache from all the cleaning and squatting.

Being the curious me.. I went to do a little research and this is what I find: 
30 minutes of vacuuming or sweeping floors burns about 130 calories, while 30 minutes of vigorous cycling on a stationary bike burns 400 calories.

Same duration, different activity but look at the amount of calories burned.
Working out definitely burns more and target more muscle groups!

With housework, I feel that I only train my arms? Yes I have to walk around but that is just ‘walking around’, I don’t really train my stomach and legs. I also realized that I tend to eat more after doing housework which is pretty irritating because I didn’t really burn alot of calories in the first place!

But when it comes to exercising, it is a different story. I feel better, fitter and leaner and I don’t really want to eat after that. I can also find different types of workout videos to do for different parts of the body.

So Conclusion: Housework definitely can’t replace exercise. I have to do both, and now I have no excuse for skipping my exercise already. T.T maybe I should come up with my own houseworkXworkout program next.. I am feeling fat recently, have to control my diet and get a new weighing machine for the new house!

Update: I got a new weighing scale and it is the Medix Body Fat Analyzer. Will blog about this soon. Wrong move people, wrong move. 

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