Diary day: 19th February 2016, it’s toto day too!

Today is my personal diary day. Can’t believe I’ve been working for 2months already. Life as a official working adult seems to be very fun and interesting.

I have a steady income, I got more time to take photos, go out and update here. I want to thank you all for reading this space for so many years. Although I stop updating last year, you guys still come back to read my weightloss posts. I’m really grateful and so I promised now that I will update regularly and share all things that I find interesting and beneficial to you. 🙂

Anyway now I’m waiting for the 19th February Toto results to be out!! The singapore pools website is down leh! It’s making me nervous. Other than that, this is my first time buying toto hence Im very excited to see if I win anything anot!! I bought the $10 red packet and the $20 one, what about you? Did you buy?

I kinda envy the person that won the previous round. I promised myself before that if I ever won such a huge prize, I will donate 50% to charities and those who need it.
This is something that I will keep my promise to because I want to help people and share my happiness.

Of course that is when I win la! hahaha.

If you happen to pass by my space and just nice you have the results, then please leave a comment down here and share with me leh! Because I’m currently refreshing the website and already it’s late for me for my workout. :'( I thank you in advance.

Other than that, I think I shall stop here. Very sleepy now and tomorrow have to wake up early as I’m going to my colleague’s place for Chinese new year. I got alot of posts line up for you guys as well. So remember to come back more frequently! 😀

I’m going to stop here. So Bye & good luck!!

*update: The toto results for 19th february winning numbers are 6, 18, 20, 21, 27 and 49. The additional number is 23.


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