BTO renovation journey: Shopping for recycled and reclaimed furnitures

When you have no leaves to take yet, you end up exploring Singapore.

Also do not expect much from this post, it’s just an update of what we’ve been doing for our house.

Simon loves teak furnitures and because of this we went to Tan Boon Liat building to check out these very expensive wood.

Our initial plan was to go to Journey East because we cheapos wanted cheap stuffs. Recycled furnitures sound like a cheaper alternative for us, and I thought I might find something I like! I mean.. recycled wood sound really rustic/industrial/laidback or WHATEVER you call it, and that’s exactly what I want for my house! (for now)

It was a exciting trip until I stepped into one of the shops, Red House or something, and decided right on the spot that this might be a futile trip.

Then we moved on to Fairprice Antique, Knocknock (maybe?), Mountain Teak and some other stores located at different floors and of course Journey East. We loved alot of things but they are so frigging expensive! I shall give you a summary of the average costs of the furnitures there.

A 2 seater sofa cost about close to $3k
A dining table cost about close to $4k
A coffee table costs close to $2k
A bed frame costs about close to $5k!!!!!!!

Freaking insane please! With this amount of money, I can get alot of other things lor. That bed frame can get me a System 4 aircon. That coffee table can cover up the lightings cost for my whole house. and etc and etc.. don’t even think about custom made teak furnitures man, it might kill me.

Okay wait, before that. Let me clarify.. even though it’s very expensive, I don’t deny that the furnitures are really unique and nice. Teak furnitures are very lasting, hence some of you might think that it’s worth it to spend this money. But this is not for me.. especially when I’m so fickle minded when it comes to decoration and designs. So.. ya..

I think my best bet would still be Ikea and Muji, but honestly, it’s quite boring. Everyone’s furnitures gonna look the same one day. We shall research more and see how it goes.

ONE LAST THING, I dont think I will get second hand furnitures.. You never know if there are BED BUGS!!! 

Continue my journey soon…. 

Signing off,
Poor Claire