[Simonseries] Taiwan trip, Simon’s POV Part 1: Heading to Jiufen (九份)

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This is gonna be a 3 part series. My view and C’s view might defer, but most importantly we had lots of fun at Taiwan although it was kinda short… Here goes..

Arrived at Taoyuan Intl Airport, not quite Taipei isn’t it? Took a 1hr bus to Taipei City, had some oden from 7-11 before taking a train to Ruifang (瑞芳).. Or so I hoped..

Where are we??

I didn’t know I’ll need to change to another train at Badu (八堵) but I realised when I noticed the train terminates at Keelung (基隆)! I know Claire already mentioned it in her post but I wanna highlight this again in case the same thing happen to another clueless traveler. The sun was setting and we were racing against time here, so the extra 15-20mins waiting time for the next train was quite nerve-wrecking. Anyways we went to Ruifang and took an overpriced cab to Jiufen (九份). The cab driver dropped us off at the Jiufen old street (九份老街) which is the main tourist area, but we told him we wanted to go to our BnB place. He ask us to walk down ourselves.. Well he said it nicely, but me lugging along our combined luggage in one hand climbing stairs and looking for somewhere we don’t have a clue of and with night closing in fast.. the situation pissed me off a little.. Anyways with the help of a friendly lady from another BnB I managed to find the room I booked and she even helped us call the owner, apparently they own a couple rooms located in a different place and they were off site.. my bad for not finding out.. After that ends our little misadventure and our rustic getaway and many stairs-climbing adventures.

The room was quite basic, its spacious with very little amenities (that’s why its spacious). And the bathroom was huge and empty… Oh well its cheap so I should stop complaining. Its comfy enough and this became our base of operation to explore the area. We unpacked a little and rushed to Jiufen old street in search of our dinner. I apparently am less prepared for this trip so I didn’t even know what are the popular food places in town. C did some research though, so after walking around looking through the small food places at the old street (that’re still open) i pointed to a shop selling seemingly chicken rice and zichar stuff. She then told me 鲁肉饭 (braised pork rice?) was nice. So we ate some there

Day 1 Dinner. Plus some mixed fishball soup from another place.
There are LOTS of stair climbing!
not sure if this is the main stairway at the old street. Many many tourists here everyday.
Nightview of the town. Jiufen.

and then we saw a lone doggy seemingly waiting for someone at the less commercial more residential area of the town, we gone off course from the touristy area of Jiufen Old Street and stumble here.

Lonesome but loyal

after that we got on the main winding road, went back to our rented room, not before walking through a small gate with no lights and no living soul in sight.. and we went to bed early..

Next post will include all the climbing as we go up the teapot and have to rush down before nightfall and the following day when I almost had to carry the exhausted C up the Keelung Mountain. Till next time.



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