Artistry Hair Professional- Mucota Scena ABC treatment and new hair color!

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About 2 weeks ago I went to Artistry Hair Professional (formerly known Headlines By Artistry) for their very popular Mucota Scena ABC Treatment and to have a change of hair color.

I wasn’t too sure what I want for my hair so I just leave it to Chris (my hairstylist) to decide for me. 🙂 Actually wanted a striking color for the whole head but I think it is better to play safe when I am working in a proper office environment. lol..

So in the end we decided on dark brown and hidden reds. 😀

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I love it so much! Especially love it when the wind blows through my hair and reveal all the pretty strands. 🙂

Other than the hair color, I also want to talk about their super amazing hair treatment but before that! Photos first!  photo DSC06784_zpsvyvcu93d.jpg

This is my hair before the treatment and coloring. Look at those ugly black roots. I don’t mind all black, but black and brown is just bad. My hair also look very dull and frizzy, totally unhealthy.

 photo DSC06788_zpsy2voh9zk.jpg

Chris started off with coloring the bottom part of my hair with red.

 photo DSC06793_zpsqsnlpvrs.jpg

Followed by brown on the remaining hair.

 photo DSC06798_zpszkrvwuoh.jpg

Have to wait around 20-30 minutes before washing.

I think I mentioned before that I really love people washing my hair for me. You don’t have to massage or anything (well of course that would be a bonus if you do) and I will just feel super relax and happy.

After washing and conditioning + massage, it’s time to start on my Mucota Scena ABC treatment!

If you are wondering what ABC stands for?

It is Adel (Moisturize), Brava (Repair) and Calore (Protect). It is a 3 step treatment that moisturize, repair and protect my hair.

  1. Chris applied Adel onto my freshly shampooed hair first. Starting from the middle to the ends, he gently massaged the product into my hair before rinsing them off. Adel contains a mixture of 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine that can be found in natural ceramide, this step basically moisturize and prep the hair before the next treatment.
  2. Next, Brava is applied onto the damp hair so as to repair, treat and nurture them.
  3. Without rinsing off, Calore is being applied right away. This last step helps to protect hair cuticles, retains hair moisture and this will gives me soft, smooth and silky hair. 🙂

 photo DSC06806_zpsr6ed1vjs.jpg

After the 3 steps, it is time to steam! After that, he wash, blow dry and style my hair and ta da – the outcome!!

 photo DSC06810_zpsnhqtfyrv.jpg

It’s so amazing! My hair was super soft and silky! The treatment takes less than an hour but the effect lasts for a week! You know there are days when your hair becomes dry and lifeless right after a wash the following day? Mucota Scena ABC doesn’t do that, in fact it gives me many good hair days! Super love this treatment, can’t wait to go back again! 😀

 photo IMG_4377_zpslpkxyraz.jpg

And here is a photo with my hairstylist Chris. ^^

Thank you Chris, Wendy love and Artistry Hair Professional for my healthy and beautiful hair. 😀

Here’s some photos for you, which I took during the day!

 photo IMG_4374_zpskdgmskvs.jpg

 photo IMG_4355_zpsw1v4829q.jpg

Look at the beautiful reds!

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There’s also a promotion for October now!

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