[S-series] Sony Just Announced a6500 flagship APS-C Camera!!


As those of you who follow what I wrote would know, me and wifey are using Sony mirrorless cameras. Wifey is using a6000 for a while now, and we were always aiming to upgrade her a6000 to a6300 which features a mic-input port for her to do her vlogs in the near future. Because a6000 doesn’t have a mic-input and it sucks.

And when we’re no where near getting a6300, here comes a6500… Sony you’re going way too fast… (not that its a bad thing..)

Photo taken from Sony.

a6000 during its time has the fastest autofocus (af), or so they say.. Not that I cared which camera has faster af than the other, because its so darn fast and accurate I can’t wish that the af go any faster than that. Then February this year, the a6300 was released with a w4D FOCUS™ system with af points that practically covers the entire viewfinder area and also shoots 4K videos.. Now its only October, 8 months later, Sony announced the a6500.. Whuuutttt.. How to follow the tech advancement when its this fast?

The new a6500 will share most features with a6300, but it also adds

  • In-body 5-axis image stabilization
  • Touch Focus whether you select focus by swiping on the screen like a smartphone.
  • Silent shooting for sniping passerby.
  • an indestructable (exaggerating) shutter rated to 200,000 actuations
  • an improved software interface which i hope will come to my aging a7 II soon…

Its slowly becoming perfect, I thought things will not be better so soon with their Flagship APS-C line but they proven me wrong. My only complain will be the screen, I know they did a great job cramming so much technology into such a tiny body, but please make the screen fully articulated. At the very least make it able to flip 180°… It would then become the best semi-pro quality vlogging camera ever. LOL.

Photo taken from Sony.

I hope I can get my hands on one soon, although I’m more attracted to full frame cameras (or maybe a Fujifilm GFX 50S medium format..) But if wifey can have it, we can go out together on a photo walk like we used to..

Cheers people.