[S-series] Camping series: Pasir Ris Park Pt 2 – The Actual Camping and BBQ night & Vlog

Hi Guys,

Today is finally the day for us to camp!

Watch the video here:

We packed all our gears, it was super heavy and without a proper multi-day-trekking-backpack to carry it, its crazy. I only had a fully stuffed 30L pack and the trusty large IKEA FRAKTA shopping bag filled with gear. I think it weighs 30kg altogether. Luckily, we’re gonna Grab.

Pasir Ris Park

Here in Singapore, there are only a few places for us to camp. What with the limited land space here in Singapore.. We only had 3 coastal parks and an island with designated areas to camp overnight. And you’ll need to apply for a camping permit at one of the many AXS machines littered all over our country. The areas are as follows:

  1. East Coast Park – Areas D and G
  2. Pasir Ris Park – Areas 1 and 3
  3. West Coast Park – Designated area within Area 3
  4. Pulau Ubin – Jelutong, Mamam and Ubin Living Lab Campsites (which I assumed it was Noordin Campsite)


I figured we should stay at Pasir Ris Park Area 1 where there’s a toilet about 1 min from the camp site and no where near any BBQ pits, that would ensure a peaceful night for us. Then there’s a carpark about 5mins from the camp site. This is ‘easy mode’.

And so, we arrived and it was drizzling. I got really worried that the rain will get heavier, we quickly pick a spot and pitch our tent. Claire thought pitching a tent is hard. But we did it in less than 10mins, and set everything up in another 5mins. Easy.




Rain stops, and its Grilling Time

The rain stopped soon after and so we set up my 2nd hand gas grill and dig the meat from our tiny icebox. Because Claire hates ants, so after lighting 2 mosquito coils, I sprinkled powder all around us like a barrier. I read somewhere that ants didn’t like talcum powder. Maybe it’s true, because we only encounter a few individual ants throughout our stay despite all the food scraps we sloppily left around our camp..

All we brought for the grill were as follows:

  1. Stir-fry Beef slices
  2. Chicken Franks aka cheap hot dogs (Claire loves them!)
  3. Chopped Chinese Scallions
  4. Medium sized yellow onions I got from my friend at work. LOL.

The scallions were bad.. I guess I’m not doing it correctly, or scallions are fleshy or juicy enough for the grill.. The beef was good at first, until we got through to half the 200g pack, we’re just force-feeding ourselves at that point. I think we need more vegetables to lighten up this meaty meal. I kept chopping onions with my Opinel (it’s a knife, I’m a outdoors gear nerd) but we’d rather have an ice cold salad fresh from the fridge for balance.


We ended up barbecuing marshmallows instead. Awesome.

Post Dinner Activities

After dinner, I spent like half an hour washing all the cooking equipment. Yes I brought dish soap and sponge, where I think most casual campers would’ve used disposable plates and utensils. Well I love outdoor gears including stuff for cooking and using them would reduce usage of plastic and waste, we’re killing 2 birds with one stone here. Oh for the record, no animals were harmed while we’re there… I’m so lame..

Anyways, here’s the mandatory ‘wefie’ session for every adventure (well, sort of) that we embark on.. Before we settle in for a movie and snacks session with our tents closed, keeping those bugs at bay.


The night was bloody hot and humid, even with 2 fans in the tent, its still horrible. We were sweating in our sleep, on mattresses with felt-like surfaces. Not ideal. I’m so going to get a bed sheet for our next camp. And probably a bigger fan..


We set alarms so we would wake up to the sight of the sun sitting on the horizon in a burst of colours. Well no such luck, we were facing too far North for that, and our urban jungle of a country blocked our view on the East side. Well colours can still be seen at least.

We didn’t need help waking up as well, because our fan gave up right before dawn. So we were awaken by the humidity.. I just kinda sitting up, stoning for an hour.


Then I start up the stove to boil water, coffee is a must for camp mornings, no matter the hellish weather. Too bad we couldn’t get tiny packs of cow’s milk, so we used vitasoy, which doesn’t mix with the coffee and had an acidic after taste..


Sun’s Up, the Heat is On

Yeah, literally. The heat and humidity is horrible, seriously. I think because it’s the inter-monsoon season now there were no wind, even throughout the night. No. Wind. At-All.

So I quickly got out and show Claire how to tie a hammock and made her lie down on it, as promised. She kinda never tried a hammock before much less tying it. And she was so afraid she will fall, I almost had to carry her and put her on the hammock.

This is a cheap hammock I got for my NS days. Of course, we shouldn’t be using hammocks in army, its so not tactical its like putting up a flag to show the enemies where we are.


Well That’s All Folks

Yeah, after the hammock tying, we quickly break camp and escaped from the heat. We decided to walk to Downtown East for MacDonald’s breakfast. I quickly regretted the decision because the load of our gear in a Large IKEA bag is seriously killing me. We need a large trolley bag for all those gear.

Then we got on a cab and hit the showers at home.

Although there are a lot of discomforts while camping, we’re city kids after all, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I told Claire it’s the weather and the fact that its hard for 2 person to shower and watch the camp at the same time. We have to shower at the same time because Claire is kinda scared, her imaginations too active.

We are going to do this again. Hell, we already ordered a new bigger cabin tent for added comfort. I hope the inter-monsoon season ends in time for our next camp trip.

You guys need to try this, if you haven’t camp before especially. Must try.

Cheers peeps,

Simon Tey




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