Ristorante Amarone Italian food review, date night out!

Simon is a good soldier hence we got to try out Ristorante Amarone for FREE on Valentine’s day. This is my first time visiting a proper italian restaurant (or maybe 2nd?) and it was quite a fun experience!

It is very near Tanjong Pagar MRT station if you are not driving, just need to take EXIT F and walk to your left. Yes it’s at Capital Tower.

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Of course there is the Valentine’s Day menu but because of our uniQgift, we have to give it a miss. The Sea bass and duck breast seems awesome, too bad. gotta wait till the next visit.

We were asked to take photos once we stepped in (as it’s V-day) and we were quite shocked as this is the first time we encountered something like that. LOL! I mean yes I’ve been to events and all but not with Simon you see. He’s a very shy person so sometimes it makes me feel shy and stress too.

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If I’m not wrong, they are pretty famous for their wine which we never try cos I hate alcohol. :p

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I brought the wrong lens out and I ended up taking pics with his samsung phone. -_- Damn irritating, make me look damn unprofessional HAHA.

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This is how the interior looks like, kinda dim but a very calm and romantic atmosphere.

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Bread for us before our orders.

 photo 20160213_192709_zpspmn8lecx.jpg

For appetisers, we ordered 2. The first is the Guazetto di Cozze e “Fettunta” – Mussel stew served with grilled bread and Extra virgin Olive oil $28 

 photo 20160213_193619_zpsib33rlxe.jpg

This dish is really good. The stew is cooked to perfection, seldom am I attracted to tomatoes but the tomatoes are so good here! You can definitely eat this on it’s own without the mussels! It is also a savoury dish (my fav) and if I had known earlier, I would have gotten 2 of this!

Mussels wise, they are very fresh, but it is better when served with the stew.

The second dish is for us the calamari lovers!

Piccola Frittura di Calamari, Salsa Tartara – Fried fresh calamari with tartare sauce. $27

 photo 20160213_193528_zpsndassqne.jpg

 photo 20160213_193548_zpsarjigkcm.jpg

Very fresh and chewy. Maybe the batter could be crispier? 😀 Very addictive indeed, just like eating fries, a love hate relationship with FRIED food I have here. Although I enjoy this, I feel that $27 is too expensive for this.

Here comes the main dishes, I’m already full from the stew and the calamari. 

Looking at the main dishes, I really wanted to try everything but unfortunately I can’t, so we ended up choosing this interesting ‘beef dumplings’ and mixed grill seafood of the day.

Agnolotti al Brasato Burro Salvia e Parmigiano – Agnolotti stuffed with stewed beef in red wine, served with butter sage sauce. $29 

 photo 20160213_200343_zpsbwddhcbx.jpg

vVry very interesting taste. I like the chewy texture of the agnolotti and the combination of the beef. BUT I got jelat after 2pieces as I don’t really like butter. But Simon comments that this is really good! So if you’re a fan of butter and you’re not worried about gaining weight then order this!

Spiedini di Pescato alla Mediterranea – Skewered mixed grilled seafood of the day, served with Mediterranean sauce. $38

 photo 20160213_200535_zpsqi9daljx.jpg

So sorry the pic is not so good here, but this is the best we can do with a phone. lol. just can’t get a good view.

I actually prefer the seafood than the beef, but I am allergic to seafood. T.T I tried the prawn and fish, and they are so fresh and juicy! A pity the serving is so small! That’s the problem with italian food. LOL.

And lastly desserts time! 4 course meal makes me feel fat..

I had Tiramisu. I used to hate tiramisu but recently I’m always craving for cheesecake and tiramisu! 

 photo 20160213_204054_zps4f8fyjtk.jpg

The tiramisu is not too bad, it’s comparable to the tiramisu from pine garden which is my favourite!

And Simon had his cake of the day. Torta del giorno dello chef – Chef’s homemade cake of the day which was a sliced of cake with chunks of pear inside and accompanied with chocolate sauce.

 photo 20160213_204049_zps3eyknk32.jpg

I do feel that it tastes kinda funny. LOL. But Simon likes it?

Overall I like the experience here, and how courteous the waitresses and waiters are. Okay I’m aware that service is always better when you’re paying more money BUT I still feel happy when they are polite and kind!

I’m definitely going back to try out other dishes like the sea bass and the risotto. Actually I want to try all the pasta there. By the way you can also check out the menu over here. 🙂

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We arranged to have a ‘expensive’ date night out every quarterly. I’m afraid that we might just go back to Amarone. :O It’s a very good place for couples and guys now you have a new place to bring your girlfriend/wife for a nice dinner. 🙂

Have date nights frequently, dress up and act like new couple. It’s kinda fun. =D Spike up your relationship too!

Ristorante Amarone
168 Robinson Rd, #01- 08 / 09 / 10 Capital Tower, Capital Tower, 068912