BTO P6: My turn to design.

Finally the works are done as of 14th August. But these pictures are taken a few weeks ago. :p I don’t want to show you the latest pictures first as I’m still planning on what to buy, diy and put in the house. But once the place is more or less done, I will definitely post the pics here. 😀

So far Im very happy with the house, its very cosy and every weekend now feels like a staycation, and this makes me very sad on sundays because I have to go home and prepare for work on Monday. How I wish I can work from home, this is a dream also right, let’s work towards this goal. 

I’m not moving out yet due to personal reasons. I will be installing CCTV at my current house (not the new house) too so that I will have a piece of mind after I moved out.

 photo IMG_2969_zpsqf8s74h6.jpg

So enough of all the talking, let me show you some of the photos!

So this is our kitchen. Cabinets are up, we have 2 Blum drawers. Total $320. ID didn’t give us discount on this. These drawers have soft closing feature so we don’t need to worry about slamming anyone’s fingers!

Also I apologized for not posting a better picture because the table top – compact plus is hidden! hehe. We hacked off half of the wall, have a bar top area so that we can chill, drink coffee and sip wines. But sorry I don’t take alcohol. :p

By the way can you see that row of ugly tiles in my kitchen? I really cannot stand that, I am thinking how I can cover that up.

 photo IMG_2977_zpsawvghaku.jpg

Then the living room. Our sofa bed that we got from Castlery.

Now we have more things already! Got coffee table, tv and console!

 photo IMG_2972_zpsftrwmfgz.jpg

Next my master bedroom toilet. The vanity and mirror is from IKEA. I AM IN LOVE WITH MY TOILET TILES. We are thinking of changing the toilet door as well because it is taking up too much space. But not so soon lah, after we settled down first.

Anyway my favorite place in the house is my toilet. I love this area because it is super cosy but Simon prefers the common bathroom as it is more spacious.

But seriously I don’t know why HDB placed the toilet bowl and the sink there. Now we have an empty space at the side which I will be placing a shelf to put my candles and decor items. Oh you know I’m obsessed with candles right? Only from Bath and body works and Yan Kee though.

Oh, Yesterday I went to Artfriend and bought spray paint hehehe. I’m surprised I am still a member LOL. Can’t wait to work on the DIYs hehehe. So fun!

Till next then,

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