[S-series] Yong Bak Kut Teh review, 219 River valley road.


I don’t know why I’ve been tasked to do food posts. I always eat the same things everyday, and I seldom take food photos. But now here I am, doing a recap on Claire took photos of and forgot what they taste like.

I have a 3 second memory, ok maybe not really 3 seconds so short lah.. Although the 3 second memory of a goldfish has been debunked as a myth, mine is quite close… Maybe next time it will be 5 seconds memory of a Simon. Anyways I digressed. I think I got a better memory for food I tasted, looking at the old pictures reminded me of the flavors. I remember experiences.

Ok now, food.

We went to UE square for some errand, it took too long, so we have to get dinner somewhere, I remember a long time ago when I had this bak kut teh at River Valley Road so I thought we should go try again.

I’m not sure how long this stall is been here, or whether its changed hands before, but last I came here was around 12 years ago. Damned I’m old… we got ourselves 2 bowls of bak kut teh, as usual they offer free flow soup.

Its not the type with that really thick and creamy soup base, like the few chain stores popping up recently. Its light and rich with the peppery pork bone taste. Much like the type of bak kut teh my mom cooked, so when I tasted this I get another dose of nostalgia as well. The pork were a little tough, when I was young and doesn’t have any teeth issues, that’s the type of texture I liked, but nowadays I preferred softer choices..

The laohong youtiao, what can go wrong with these right? It taste like how it should, chewy and oily. Of course its nice, if not we wouldn’t have ordered it.

I was too hard up on eating healthy, so thinking that our dinner doesn’t have any vegetables, I decided to get this pickled mustard leaves. Are they mustard leaves? Well I assumed it is because it resembles mustard leaves. I thought it would taste nice like those in 梅菜扣肉. But I can’t be more wrong.. It tasted like they were soaked in oil and salt. nothing else. Its like chewing on oiled salt, I think we’re killing our kidneys eating this…

Well they do sell other dishes like a standard mixed rice stall, when you order the bak kut teh, stick to the bak kut teh, that’s what makes me remember this stall in the first place.. Don’t order the pickled vegetables..

Yong Bak Kut Teh
219 River Valley Rd
Singapore 238277