[S-series] A-One Claypot House review – the salted egg pumpkins were so GOOD!


Throooooow back to sometime ago, we invited our parents over to our then unfinished place, after that we went for a meal at a nearby mall. We were thinking where to go that will suit my parents’ taste, we almost wanted to go to the food court already like a regular poor man, but I seldom bring my parents out for a meal so I thought I should treat them to somewhere nicer. And then we ended up in A-one Porridge.

And of course Claire took all the food pics.

My parents used to meet me at the Kopitiam at Kangkar Mall after work, its actually just a tiny place beside Hougang Mall.. There used to be an A-one porridge stall in the food court, and mom being my mom, will order that expensive but delicious porridge for me in advance, and when I arrive, the piping hot claypot of porridge will be ready for me. Everything I do, I always remember all these little little things that brings me back to the past. All these nostalgia. Well my mom liked the porridge too so I thought why not? Lets all eat porridge.

We ordered 2 pots of porridges to share, one soup and one side dish.

  • Dried scallop porridge with fish maw and razor clams,
  • Dried scallop porridge with minced pork and century egg, every porridge got dried scallop lah.
  • Chinese spinach with minced pork balls soup
  • Fried pumpkin with creamy salted egg sauce.

Mom and dad enjoyed it, but I think they were trying to help me save some money by ordering less and cheaper dishes.. I appreciate the thought, our parents are always thinking for us. Anyways the dried scallop porridge base was full of flavour! The tasty salty porridge has a tinge of sweetness from the dried scallop they used. I can immediately identify the distinctive taste that can only be the dried scallops thrown into the porridge. I liked scallops, dried or fresh, I would buy them for my cookings in future for sure, immediate add a few levels of sensory enjoyment on my palate. The different types of ingredients they offer matters not as much, its your personal preferences or cravings now. I say this because the porridge base can go with anything! I can throw fish slices and it still taste like gold, I think you can throw mutton in and it still taste like at least silver.

In comparison, the soup tasted bland. Its lackluster performance may be due to the supersavoury porridge, I guess they wanted to offer this as a balance so people won’t get sick/jelat of the porridge. It tasted like chinese spinach boiled in slightly salty water and throw in a couple of meatballs and an egg to complete it. Feels a little bo xim.

Luckily we still have this Fried Salted egg Pumpkins to save us from the soup. It came to us piping hot and the freshness of the pumpkins in batter coupled with creamy salted egg sauce is like Chinese french fries. Addictive!

We also ordered some drinks to share too to wash everything down, a pot of assorted fruits and flower tea. its very nice surprisingly, I always thought drinks like this is a gimmick, look nice but taste bland. It was nicely done and Claire was attempting to dig the fruits in the pot. LOL.

Then when I was going to pay for all the food we had, this Claire went up to the counter to foot the bill. Damn it, sometimes this wifey does things like this. I wanted to say she step on my ego, because men are pigs and we are always referred to as the breadwinner right. So I should be the person who ‘put the food on the table’ and pay for all our daily sustenance. But then I know why she does that sometimes, shes just trying to lighten my load once in a while. Either that or she don’t want to hear me complain. 😡

We had a nice lunch, A-one is a nice no-frills family restaurant that serves up a wicked bowl of porridge. I love it partly due to past memories with my parents. And its good for someone like me and my parents who have weak set of teeth, them being old and me being weird. Check them out, i meant A-one of course. They have outlets at a few places. We went to the Seletar mall branch.


33 Sengkang West Avenue,
The Seletar Mall,
Singapore 797653
Tel: 67023212

Till next time people.