HDB BTO P8 – Expectations vs reality & more pics!

More photos of the house today! 🙂

Our small bar counter. ^^ Thinking of doing something crazy to this space but for now, let it be like this first.  photo IMG_4109_zps4kho7jmy.jpg

Got that chalk board from Taobao for about $20+? The below stools are from taobao too! Very unique right? lol! I know they look flimsy but they are actually very sturdy.

 photo IMG_4110_zpsnyisebbs.jpg

My mini studio space in the study room. Solely for beauty products. LOL. I got the marble inspired table $20+ and white mat $10? from fortytwo.sg.

 photo IMG_4102_zpsoflwwywz.jpg

My table lamp is from Typo. =) Got this for $30+ after discount!

 photo IMG_4103_zps46afkire.jpg

Bought a light up hang and peg frame kit from Typo Anchorpoint shopping centre too.

 photo IMG_4106_zpsoi6czrtx.jpg

And here’s my study room before we moved all our things in, which is like a few weeks ago.

The 2 posters and rose gold clock are from Typo!
The table and legs are from IKEA and the chairs which you’ve seen before are from Taobao! 🙂

 photo IMG_4107_zpsfxfxh8u1.jpg

looks pretty neat right? I thought this looked really pinterest worthy UNTIL we start to put all our stuffs there.

and this is how the study room turned out to be. Anyway chill people, this was taken a few weeks back. It is much neater now.

Totally an expectation vs reality scenario.

 photo IMG_4108_zps4cf1agnf.jpg

The study room is currently my favourite place because it is very cosy and pretty.  ^^v What I need now is bulletin board, dressing table, shelves and drawers and this room are more or less completed. (will show you next time once done!)

 photo IMG_4105_zpssoisgasq.jpg

Simon’s favourite place is still the kitchen and I am not complaining as he will be cooking for me. 😀 I will be getting a oven soon! Can’t wait to start baking!

BY THE WAY should I get the Nostalgia BSET300BLUE Retro Series 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station??? It’s super retro and cute sia!!

 photo 6a00d8341c5dea53ef0168e5164922970c-800wi_zps1kk5u8qn.jpg
Source: http://laughingsquid.com/nostalgia-electrics-retro-series-3-in-1-breakfast-station/ 

can make toast, eggs, sausage and coffee. everything i like!! I’m sure simon will say this is not practical but I shall convince him HAHA.

Initially I wanted to get the Tefal TT5500 Toast N’ Egg Maker but he said it’s a gimmick and now this breakfast station is like another high level of gimmick.

 photo 3040001-20150531003241-413855_zpsxhk1jzv5.jpg
Source: http://www.priceza.com.sg/s/price/TEFAL-Toast-N-Egg

Last weekend he also drilled holes and put in 2 shelves behind the sofa. That space is for our mini plants and photo frames. (my idea ok!!) Shall show you next time when it’s all done! So excited!!!

Till the next people! 😀
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