HDB BTO P10: Sharing how much we spent altogether and our Moldy wardrobe!!

It is almost a year already people, staying in our new house. Cleaning the house is definitely not easy, and there are many things to clean and take care of. The toilets (including toilet bowl please thank you), the windows, the corners, the ceiling and every kind of surfaces. Yes house come really very excited until you have to start doing everything yourself. Hiring a maid now will be stupid since there are only the 2 of us so as long as we got the time to do we do as much as possible….

Well he obviously does more work than me. oops.

I will try to share as much as possible, about being a house owner and a wife. Pretty much the same la actually just that there is the house, which is a HUGE responsibility and of course housework, which can take up alot of time.

Currently we try to vacuum and mop once a week, wash the toilet once every 2weeks, wash our clothes on every wed and weekends, wipe surfaces and windows about once a month. I have never known that my husband is a clean freak.. last time at his house he quite nua one leh..

You guys have also been asking how much I spend on renovation and furniture. We didn’t spend alot compare to other couples. I have friends who spend over 50K and had to take loan. We didn’t take any loan at all, I guess you have to be well prepared too. Do what you can afford and save enough before the house come.

My renovation and electricity

cost add up to about $23K. If you have been working for a 2-3 years, saving diligently you should already have this amount of money I guess.

Electrical appliances

including aircon (3+1), washing machine, television, stove, fridge, water heater, fan add up to a total about $10K. Everything here are basically the essentials.

For furnitures

including tv console, coffee table (free for mine), sofa, living room cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobe, drawers, dining tables, study table, chairs, bed and all kind of miscellaneous and decor stuffs this add up to $6000 to $7000. I think one thing good is that my house is not that big so we don’t really need alot of things to make it even smaller.

So in total we spent about $40K.

Do take note that we opt in everything. If we didn’t opt in then would have to spend even more.

I hope this gives you a guide to what to expect in the future when you have a house. It will be even more expensive next time though..

Erm I will show pictures next time okay. Now abit messy.

So currently what we have to pay are broadband bill, utilities bill, conservancy fees and mthly netflix haha. And of course groceries and toiletries which can add up to alot too.

Next we have to settle the maintenance fees of our aircon as well.

Last week we just spent $3800+ to get the Rainbow Vacuum. Freaking expensive but very worth it. Will ask Simon to review it soon.

Of course back to the main topic today, I wanna share with you our encounter with mold! A few months ago Simon came home to find the inside of his wardrobe covered with mold. He sent me a photo immediately and I was like wth?


The laminated side of the board was supposed to be facing in but he mounted it wrongly. Hence this causes the mold to grow because the laminated side is supposed to prevent mold. His clothes even kena all the green powdery stuffs! Damn disgusting I tell you!

Even our bed side tables got mold too! We were so irritated that we bleach the areas over and over again lol.


After bleach condition LOL.

Pretty interesting lah. I don’t see such things when I stay with my ahma okay cos she do all the things. LOL. I hope I don’t see mold again yucks.

IMG_0911Simon removed the board by the way and now it’s empty there.. 

So you know. Just do regularly checks at home on your furniture. You don’t know what will grow or happen. Alright then shall stop here today, and share more with you next time hehe.

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