[Simonseries] Self-proclaimed otaku ep1: Japanese snacks are the best! Beautiful packaging = buy buy buy

I know I know, Claire is a Weightloss-beauty-blogger, and here I am talking about snacks…

Who cares right? If you’re not enjoying yourself you’re not living your life correctly! And one if the things most people enjoy is a good snack!!

Well lets get on with the post.

I’ve always loved Japanese culture, there was a time when I’ve got no luck with girls (basically 3/4 of my lifetime now Claire is my first), I came very close to becoming an otaku and a hikikomori. It was kind of a shameful chapter of my life, more about that next time. Maybe. Now I think I’m just a Japanophile I think. It happened when my bro and I were crazy about a manga called Rokudenashi Blues. Well we do read other mangas like Doraemon and Dragon Ball but this one about high school gangsters and pro-boxing is what set my fire burning.

From then on I get excited when I see anything japanese on the packaging of anything (and get disappointed when I realised its not from Japan). I love their snacks, I’m like eating soy sauce rice crackers thinking I’m japanese, me and my delusions. But then ah they are all so expensive… So I only buy them once in a blue moon…


See those packaging!! They are all so nice so cute and looked so delicious! I’m sold! They are all soy sauce rice crackers coz I liked soy sauce! I was actually looking for umai-bou but I can’t find it in Meidi-ya. I remember we used to have them in my secondary school canteen leh.. so to satisfy my cravings I am gonna order them online like… now. Lol. I’ll talk about them again when I got them.

Hais I can’t wait to go back there with Claire. Its kinda a shame we mostly had bentos from combini (convenience shop) as our meals becaused we were trying to save money. I wannt go back and overwrite my mistakes!! Me and Claire deserves better (meals)!! But we’re rather broke now. Oh well..

Anyways, Japan rocks.


[Hello if you are new to my/our space, Sseries stands for Simonseries where my husband-to-be (or already is if you see this in 2015) blog about himself and …. me??]