I am pissed.

Sorry Im stressed out lately and I really cannot tolerate people wasting my time because every single minute of my time needs to be utilize efficiently.

Today I’m gonna use this space to RANT and complain like a typical singaporean.

Okay before I go on to the frustrated part, I will tell you the story first. HAIZ.

On New Year Eve I lost my cardholder, my Samantha Thavasa hot pink cardholder, a birthday present from Huizhen.

About half a year later I checked my facebook (other) messages and saw that someone actually picked up my cardholder. WOW IM SO HAPPY I TELL YOU! Singapore got nice people one la…

Ok now Im typing this and Im thinking.. How did he know it was me? My passion card has my full real name which wasnt reflected in my facebook (i think). And there was no photo of me on my whatsoever cards that are inside the cardholder. So how did he find me???

Okay now you must be thinking if I’m being conned, but I dun think so lah.. who will be so boliao to con me right. And Im really happy and grateful that he actually PM me to let me know that his mom found the cardholder and return to Boon Lay MRT station.

So after this I call SMRT hoping that I could find it. Then SMRT ask me to call transitlink, after calling transitlink, they ask me to call EZlink, after EZlink they ask me to call Passion Card, after Passion card they ask me to call ezlink, after ezlink they ask me to call Transitlink.. ok enough of the typing… In the end I sent an email to SMRT. havent get any reply yet. Kill me please. HAIZ.

I know it had been 8months, very long.. but all I wanted was someone to give me a answer.  Even if you tell me you don’t have it Im fine with it too. Just don’t ask me to call around to get nothing for an answer. HAIZ. Headache.

I don’t know if they will reply my email or not. But.. AIYA WHATEVER la.

Ok I feel better now. Bye back to my schoolwork. I miss you guys. Bye.