[Simonseries] On why I don’t wanna use plastic bottles that much nowadays

Today’s about random things that went through my screwd up head.

A long time ago I bought a stainless steel bottle because I liked i, but ended up not using it as much because its really big and bulky for my sling bags. Now I started carrying backpacks more because stuff I bring with me are really heavy so I can’t be lugging all those stuff on one shoulder only, God knows why my ‘daily necessities’ came to be so much stuff, maybe I’ll analyse and talk about that next time. Anyways now i can stuff this 1184ml bottle in my backpack and use it full-time.

I was using plastic Nalgene bottles before this but with it being plastic, who knows what chemical would start leeching out when in pour hot water in it. I often do that and seeing the bottle warp is really unsettling. Since I work in the medical industry, I am particulaly interested in such topics. And when I research a little, it seems to me that even BPA-free plastics are not really entirely safe…

Every company selling something would wanna protect their product’s reputation right? So BPA might be the most harmful chemical to leech out of plastics in high temperatures, what about the other compounds?? They put BPA-free means BPA is the only compund to leak meh? Sure got more stuff coming out and mixed into the water we drink loh. I believe there are lots of other things these companies are not telling us so that we will keep buying their products…

For me and Claire, we always drink from our water bottles even at home, for convenience. We liked to drink warm water so to make warm water we would mix hot and cold water right? So especially in Claire’s case (her definition of warm water is weird, its super hot loh) her water might be too hot while mixing and who knows what will leech into her water. Thats why I decided to buy her a stainless steel water bottle. It cost a bomb lah damn it but its an investment, since we drink from bottles all the time.

 photo 2014-08-16 11.14.11 1_zpsqaohhn3s.jpg

But it can be really annoying with her because when she have lots of bottles or pens or whatever, she will designate them for a single purpose. So now she’s got 3 water bottles, she designates one for office, one for home, and one for school… And out of the 3, 2 are plastic bottles. Then she tells me she wanna monitor the water level, steel is opaque so she can’t see inside. Sigh…

Anyways reference materials I got that made me paranoid are as follows:




 photo 2014-08-16 11.14.22 1_zpsjmgnvsyt.jpg

Stay healthy guys, till next time.


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