Celebrities who do yoga

Time to practice yoga if you haven’t already. Join a class or something because they have tons of benefits which are good for us woman =D

It helps us to flush out toxins, destress, keep calm while achieving a tone body.

Regular yoga sessions really tone up the body especially the arms, abs and legs really look damn nice!

Here are some celebrities who do yoga! And they all have gorgeous bods!

Gisele Bundchen
 photo Gisele-Bundchen_zps2c8d8026.jpg

Rachel McAdams
 photo RachelMcAdamsOversizedBagsOversizedShoppereutT-AuGG4Ql_zpsc263c6dd.jpg

Miley Cyrus
 photo Miley-Cyrus-showed-off-her-abs_zps17f1153f.jpg

Miranda Kerr I love her!!
 photo Miranda_Kerr_yoga_pose_zps54743b8a.jpg

Jennifer Aniston
 photo index_zpsa7aa77d4.jpg

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and google.

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