[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby ep2: My Photography Journey ahh what the heck as if its important.

I don’t know if anyone is interested in this topic I just assumed that people would be. This is how I started off in this extremely expensive hobby of mine.

It all started about 5-6 years ago. I knew next to nothing about photoraphy besides the primitive camera on my Motorola Razr V3X, don’t even know if I got the name correct. I just started dating Claire, who was just a teenager then, and I thought to myself: “these lousy photos from my phone isn’t near good enough as ‘memories’.” Well imo preserving our memories (in pictures) is very very important. I’ve always have a really bad memory so… I decided to get a REAL camera.

The real camera came along as a 150 bucks bright blue compact camera. I didn’t know much about photography then so I just anyhow lup one within my budget. We used that piece of crap for how long I seriously cannot remember, but in a matter of months I feel the need to upgrade. I bought panasonic ‘bridge’ camera, which is basically a compact camera that look like a dslr.. while it offers alot more features, it doesn’t satisfy me, I need perfection!!!

So again, within months, I sell them all for whatever they’re worth and stretched my wallet to get an entry level Pentax dslr. It was small and light for a dslr and offers quality ‘memories’. That was about 4years ago and the purpose of me owning a camera deviates from recording memories to other types of photography.

I tried lots of the different sub-disciplines of photography. Landscapes, macro, street, portraiture, events, etc. All of which I only scraped the surface in terms of practice and knowledge. I also went throught lots of buying and selling of gears, spending alot of money and earning only less than 10% back from offering my amateur-ish services.

In the end, I sold all my Pentax gear, not because its no good, I actually love it to bits (weather-sealing and size of it win all other brands of dslr hands down), but its missing one key requirement, a full frame sensor. Because I want perfection (within my budget of course)!!! So I ended up with a Canon dslr, my photographic skills is still amateur-ish at best. And I don’t have a specialty, I shoot anything that interests me, and I am interested in a lot of things… Ok lah maybe I especially like nature-nature stuff like trees, leaves, mud, etc. Maybe this is my special interest? But I can’t make money with this locally…

Over the years at least I stopped buying and selling so much liao. You can say I found my preferences and I embraced them now. I use prime lenses only, when my friends borrow my camera they always ask me how do you zoom with a prime lenses, when I say the focal length is fixed they will say:

‘Huh? Cannot zoom? Why so lousy one?’

ITS OK! NEVERMIND! I’m already used to being different, and layman won’t understand why I chose primes (quality > convenience). got zoom doesn’t mean its good hor!!! Wait till they use my favourite lens that can’t even autofocus loh!

And although I’ve got alot of accessories like multiple lenses and speedlights, I learnt to work with what I can comfortably bring out, which is usually a 2 lenses kit or 1 lens plus one speedlight kit. Learning to work with what you’ve got in your bag than crying over what you left at home. I still yearn for better gear lah but thats because of my inner-techgeek rearing its head.

Then during the few assignments I’ve done I realised the limitations of my skills. But that way I also learn and leveled up too, its important to know your weaknesses to improve yourself. Seems like photography is not only expensive, its got a really steep learning curve for people with no talent like me. Lol!

Nowadays I go on walks in nature reserves during my free time instead of the trendy cafe-hopping and comparing latte/cappuccino art of different establishments most people are doing now. I love gourmet coffee too, but I prefer the old fashioned Nanyang kopi (Yakun rock my world) and I think its best enjoyed surrounded by nature (imagine a field chair on the dirt in the middle of a forest). To me, nature still interest me the most, although I will always end up as mosquito feed.

About earning money through photography, well the easiest way I think is shooting weddings, but don’t get me wrong, I tried it a couple of times and IT.IS.HARD.WORK. Please appreciate them pro-photographers because its seriously not an easy job. So for me I think I’ll just chill till I feel like doing assignments again. :p (P.S. I need to look for assignments, they don’t come to me, I’m not popular one.)

After writing so much I also dunno whats the point of this post anymore, seems like I lost it somewhere in the middle. Oh well, who cares right? Lol.


Claire’s official photographer/videographer. (No license one of course. Lol.)

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