9 things that truly makes a person a Singaporean.

I love this blog post title so so much! Because I get to identify some of my characteristics as a singaporean! LOL.

1. Respect
(as in towards other people, like tissue paper chope seats coz we respect the fact that someone came first and choped, nvr sit on reserved seats, quiet in public areas, queuing is actually a form of respecting the people who came before you)

2. We want everything, FAST.
(Coz we waste no time)

3. We love to queue
(Its becoming like our culture to always be in a queue for whatever things we queuing for, food, coupons, hello kitty.)

4. Kiasu
(We hateto lose, we dun like to admit it also. Very chao kuan)

5. Singlish
(Le natciònel[anyhow write de hor] language)

6. Cultural blender
(We mixed indian/malay/chinese/buddhist/christian/muslim, now we got alot of races!)

7. Persistant (in a way..)
(We hate to lose right? So we work freaking like a mad man to avoid losing)

8. Sibei kaypoh
(I wanna know he got what marks, I wanna know auntie eh kow si how many kow kias)

9. Perfectionist
(Its just like me, wanna do everything perfectly, u work ur ass off to perfect one small thing till u bochap the big picture lol)

Okay thats it. LOL!

Credit: Simontey!