[Simonseries] Living with Claire ep1: This girl is a weirdo!

Hi guys this is Simon, again.

This time round I will talk about something different.

Ms Claire keep dropping hints for me to blog about “us”. So ok loh this is going to be really mushy so if you don’t like that kind of stuff please skip this part.

So now, here’s how we started off…

Claire Lim, I met her at work when shes only 17 years old going to 18. I was this extremely-shy-just-out-of-army-forever-alone guy. It was an open-concept office environment and I who just ORD-ed is out hunting for girls… ok lah maybe only the eyes are hunting, the soul is still hiding.

I saw this girl from a distance. Brown dyed hair, eyes that talks to you, cute although a little chubby looking. We made eye-contact and I thought I like that face. My hormones are on overdrive but I’m too cowardly to go up to her. Then my army friend who was working at the same temp job pushed me on to get to know her, help me start things off. Yeah I’m pathetic.

I went through the staff directory and found her, so using the office email we exchanged messages. The sad truth was that she initially thought I was my friend sitting beside me, she thought he was handsome, she hardly noticed me… (WTF right…)

Anyways after some clarifications, I started to talk to her, send her half way home, then all the way home. I buy her favourite pink guava juice, for fun I made lunchboxes for her. Cooked porridge when shes sick. We were an item within a month.

I was dead serious for her, hence the effort. But she still have her doubts due to past experiences. It was an uphill battle but I thought chiong-ed enough hills in army so this is just one of the many hills. Lol. One thing my dad said that had always kept me going: “this (path) is what you’ve chosen.” I dunno why but when the going gets tough this is what kept me going.

3 years later I proposed to her, and she said yes. I did it so soon partly because I wanted to give her peace. Of course its for myself too, if I show her that I have serious thoughts of spend the rest of my life with her, she can have less doubts about our relationship. Those doubts does hurt me mah, so I try to come up with a solution loh… it was a bit of a rash decision banking on a few thousand bucks (the ring……) to solve the problem. But of course things doesn’t work that way.

Over the years after that I realised that this kind of trust must be built slowly. I do know that she has some insecurities and to spend the rest of her life with someone she gotta choose carefully. Not that its not that way for me, its just at times when I need to work, I’ll work. I don’t mind the extra effort, I’m a guy mah, (submissive male chauvinist? Lol.) need to feed my pride.

So now fast-forward to 6 years later, I think we are getting stronger. She’s this fragile, sensitive weirdo who’s got an arsenal of her combined clumsiness, her lack of common sense and general knowledge, she failed her secondary school science so don’t expect her to understand simple phenomena in this world. Imo I just find her completely adorable in her own way, I guess her behavior is kinda infectious/contagious seeing that how she draws people to her. She’s like a little girl refusing to grow up. And this is what I like about her, proud yet not very street smart, diligent but overly stubborn, loving and caring but don’t know how to correctly show it. Aiyah shes hopeless.

Seems like some people were curious how we stayed so stable together for so long. Well to me communication is very important. Sometimes even after 6 years we were still astonished that we can still have things we don’t understand about each other. Thats when real fights can happen, yes we do have fights and they do turn ugly. But then again with proper communication, although we really suck at expressing ourselves, we will get back together again like always. And of course the effort needed to make things right. We can’t hope to change everything, but little things we can change, we should put in effort to make the change. And what we cannot change, we learn to accept. It should go both ways. She won’t show it but she does take my comments seriously this girl (sometimes too seriously LOL).

Well although shes not your average ‘normal’ Singaporean girl (she’s weird), there are still lots of things to like about her. This relationship with her takes a lot of effort to maintain, and thats what made it wonderful. I think all relationships should involve some amount of effort, be it to inject a fun factor or whatever lah, I think its essential.


Alright then bye guys,



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