Slim Down With Claire: For those who binge-eat

There is suppose to be one more post before this topic, but I decided to share this with you guys first as THAT TOPIC I wanted to do a video together with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. Binge eating.

I know some of you girls have this binge eating problem, and you always asked me how to control this.

To be honest, I have bad times too. Especially when I am stress! So this semester I got a few assignments due end August. NO SERIOUSLY END AUGUST NOW IS AUGUST. Yes no joke. Im sad. Very.

I dun understand how can one fully recover from binge eating, I think it still comes back when something triggers it.

I won’t say I recover fully from binge eating because, let’s be realistic, I binge when Im having PMS, I binge when Im stress and moody. Okay actually I can say I recover because I used to binge more than 3000-4000calories again and now the most I hit 1800-2000calories on some days when I am stress? It’s like half so it’s really an awesome improvement! 1800-2000calories is alot to me especially when I have no time to exercise during school days!

So it really depends on how you control this ‘binge’. And what’s your definition of BINGE.

I have been eating alot of chocolates and savory stuffs lately. The worse scenario is PMS + STRESS = BOMB. eat alot, spend alot like REALLY.. ALOT..!

Anyway I need to stop babbling leh, I got this habit of talking out of topic and ok BAM back to my purpose of this post is that. (based on my experience)

I binge because I wanna keep my mouth busy, to satisfy my cravings, I think it’s more to keeping my mouth busy. mmm..

So I decided to get tons of fruits, stock it up, tons of yogurts, peanut butter and you need milo/cocoa powder.

Why these few?

1st: Keep my mouth really busy, a few fruits already make me bloat and full like hell. So I hope this really control it.

2nd: Milo/cocoa powder and peanut butter because they are chocolatey and savory. Mix it with your yogurt or fruits. then you.satisfy.your.cravings.

I will try this and let you know. Let’s do this experience together.

Once again, this post is for those who BINGE when they binge? LOL.

Okay I will see you again.. Bye my life sucks. ๐Ÿ™

With lots of love,