Claire loves to snack P4: Asam Tree Cafe, Blueberry Cheese tarts (Le Cafe) and more snacks/drinks!

Yippee welcome to Claire loves to snack P4!

You know the drill so I shall just start my post. 😀

Onion rings and prawn fritter from Asam Tree Kang Kar Mall ! 

 photo 1_zpsdwcudavu.jpg

Simon loves the prawn fritter and me the onion rings! I can’t stop eating this!

 photo 2_zpslzc1qhgy.jpg

 photo 3_zps7oz66x0v.jpg


2. Rabenhorst Smoothie

 photo 4_zpsexjvofzf.jpg

I’m a sucker for smoothie. I love ALL smoothie and I’m always on a lookout for them. Sometimes I love the ‘real’ smoothie and sometimes the store bought ones. This one I’m sharing today (Rabenhorst Organic Blueberry, Banana & Acai Smoothie) which I got from Isetan tastes so thick and good!

 photo 5_zpscirjdwgu.jpg

3. Waterway Point Punggol food court

 photo 6_zpsirhexlou.jpg

I super love this food court because they have cute stalls that sell small bites. I didn’t try the thai fried ice cream but I know I will try soon, provided if they are still there.

 photo 7_zpsyhb9og6i.jpg

I tried the tutu kueh and my favourite tapioca kueh instead and I love it! 😀

 photo 9_zpsmekignyd.jpg

 photo 10_zpsbuupu3sk.jpg

4. Blueberry cheese tarts from Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry!

If you love blueberry and cheese tarts then this is a must try!!! I love this so much! Maybe because I love cheese =D

 photo 11_zpsyzbb16ga.jpg

and of course if you haven’t try the popular bean curd tarts then you should really try soon!

 photo 12_zpsncwnw5yb.jpg

5. Mackie’s Of Scotland Potato chips – Mature Cheddar & Onion flavour

 photo 13_zpsql8ccr9g.jpg

Love and hate relationship with this LOL. Pungent but awesome!

 photo 14_zps1ceuvexr.jpg

6. Random desserts from Sheng Shiong.

 photo 15_zps9fgoohth.jpg

Orh nee!! Yam paste! Both of us love Yam paste and we thought we could get this to try. Hahaha. It was acceptable but the real one is still the best!

 photo 16_zpsg5teriee.jpg

Top Gourmet Sweet Yam Paste with Gingko Nut

 photo 17_zpsnvs7ozbm.jpg

Also tried this coconut Jelly from Coco Nutto!??!! I remembered the one that I liked was from NTUC Fairprice. I don’t remember the brand though, really have to find that out soon!

 photo 18_zpscdf99ijv.jpg

This jelly is so-so only.

7. Japan Home Compass One

 photo 18.5_zpsqo4t7xjl.jpg

Super love this outlet because they are spacious and I feel that they carry more things compared to the other outlets? The interior also seems to be different from the usual Japan Home.

I bought Bourbon Jelly from there, I think it was 3 for $2?

 photo 19_zps5txao96t.jpg

tried the grape flavour one and the jelly is very watery but still not too bad luh.

 photo 20_zpsjmlo01xh.jpg

8. Drinks time! Tried the not so new Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt drink and it is so so good! Super love the Wild Berry Yogurt drink, must try!

 photo 21_zpsvcrkuidt.jpg

9. Arizona Iced Tea!!!! I wanted to try this for so long and I was so excited when I saw this at a Minimart!! Now cold storage sell this too by the way.

 photo 22_zpstjh7cuf9.jpg

Green tea with Ginseng and Honey.

 photo 23_zpshlsgesa3.jpg

This is the one I bought, Iced tea with lemon flavor. It was okay I guess. Also tried the pomegranate flavor with Simon that day and I don’t really like it. Shall try more next time.

10.  CocoCane Compass One 

 photo 24_zpsvtovrjtz.jpg

I finally tried this! $5 for this cup and honestly I don’t really like it LOL!! 😡 I was so bloated after that zzz.

11. Oishi Green tea in Lychee Flavor. 

 photo 25_zpsyp9ciork.jpg

Taste like lychee drink LOL. normal.

12. Nudie smoothies!! 

 photo 26_zpsn8rclrca.jpg

One of my fav! Love all of them! Can find them at Cold storage! 😀

Hope you enjoy my P4 today, let’s snack more people! ^^

Till the next,
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