Claire loves to snack P1: All kinds of snacks we have been munching on lately!

We have been trying some new snacks recently and today I am sharing with you some of my favourites! 😀

By the way we really snack alot! Especially during the weekends we can easily finish 2 packets of chips. Sometimes our chips are our lunch. :p

First I have from Marks and Spencers are these Kidney Bean chips (left) and Tortillas chips (right). We bought 2 because there was some discount going on, even with discount, they are still not very cheap but we are abit crazy with Marks and Spencers so we just thought we could buy something new to try.

Verdict: I like neither of them. The tortillas are still okay actually but really nothing special, not salty enough, I would prefer Doritos anytime. As for the Smoked Taco Cheese Bean Chips? No no.

If you think about it. Kidney bean chips already sound weird to begin with. Maybe they will taste good with Salsa Dip? Just maybe.

 photo IMG_9861_zps3kqhi9hp.jpg

Next again we have this from Marks and Spencer, the Sour Cream & Black Pepper Wholegrain snacks. Sound very nice right?

I honestly think this was so-so only. A very weird taste, sour but peppery. I don’t like it and the smell was weird too.

 photo IMG_9862_zpslqoznaq8.jpg

But here comes an alternative! Wholegrain snacks too! BUT IT’S MY FAVOURITE! The Honey Barbeque Wholegrain snacks is really yummy! Please be careful with this though, there is another packaging that has the same name as this but the packaging looks more like the one above. That one doesn’t taste the same so please don’t buy the wrong one.

 photo IMG_9864_zpsyan5udis.jpg

very crunchy, yummy and shiok!

 photo IMG_9863_zpsftdztibh.jpg

The next one is Deep River snacks, the flavour is Sweet Maui Onion. No idea why we buy this I think because it looks good.

 photo IMG_9866_zpsmvp0gnhu.jpg

 photo IMG_9865_zpssthjdu80.jpg

I think I kinda like sweet onions. This one is not bad also! Very addictive I remember! The strong sweet onion and garlic taste just made it impossible to  stop at one!

 photo IMG_9867_zpsviczuyne.jpg

Then we tried this horn corn chips from BUGLES. Some foot for u? Lol!!

 photo IMG_9868_zpsptenfor7.jpg

A very weird name right?

I thought this would taste like the one from the Shine korean supermarket. But this one is abit bland, but still very addictive. oh god.

 photo IMG_9869_zpsskmjrc71.jpg

The last 2 are my personal favourites too! First is the Manomasa tortillas chips, tomatillo salsa! I really think this is very nice leh! You can eat it on its own without any dipping sauce and yet still so flavourful!

 photo IMG_9870_zpswums06il.jpg

 photo IMG_9871_zpsmxrb2kb2.jpg

Look at those quinoa seeds!

And finally the last one that we got from Shine korean supermarket! Honey Tong tong chips that taste abit like creamy corn soup! sweet creamy and light! Very nice!

 photo IMG_9872_zpsg4afbrsg.jpg

 photo IMG_9873_zpso5z8x6dq.jpg


That’s all for my post today! Feel free to try out all of the above LOL! By the way I’m working on new weight loss articles. I know right I’m an ass. I always post weight loss post after food post.