SDWC – How often should you weigh yourself

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I was reading this article from myfitnesspal app and it is titled: How often should you weigh yourself. This is the original article for your reference:

I was once obsessed with the weighing scale too. I was obsessed with many things back then, weighing scale.. Calories.. And even the number of steps I take everyday.

I weighed myself 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night. The number on the scale is always different, and everytime I saw a different number I will panic and get paranoid.

Its normal for us to weigh more later in the day BUT I didnt understand this when I was younger. I thought I was gaining weight and because of this stupid mindset, i would skip meals the next day.

My mood is in sync with the scale, if the number goes down I will be happy but if it goes up I will get depressed. But I cant help it, I have to weigh myself everyday to feel secured and safe as this is the only way I could track my progress.

For the record I am not saying weighing everyday is a bad thing, the main point is how you feel when you weigh yourself. If you don’t get affected by the numbers at all then just go ahead. Letting the numbers affecting my mood and life is a stupid choice, and it took me a very long while to finally get that.

Now I only weigh myself like once a week. It took me awhile to adjust to this. Especially now when Im doing workouts like taebo and figurobics, it’s very easy for the numbers to go up due to muscle tear and soreness. Previously I was only doing briskwalking and I felt that it’s not enough, I feel that I’m still very flabby and soft. When my body is flabby, they seemed to gain weight easier. I think I got motivated last year when I gain 8kgs. You dont feel the gain until you compare your photos. Its disgustingly crazy. Lol! That was what motivated me to change my exercise routine. Also if you’ve had liposuction done, the weight gain can be ugly.

Sorry I went off track again. I will write a post on that next time. Working on it. 😀

So I was saying now I weigh myself once a week and very importantly, I always avoid the scale during my period. The jump in the numbers during a woman’s period can be SCARY!

I definitely feel much better with the switch and actually I feel more motivated too. I focus on how I look now instead of how much I weigh. You know there are times when you weigh heavier but your pants are looser? Or you weigh the same but your jeans seem to fit better? Ah that’s why weight is just a number.