Marina at Keppel Bay, brunch and shoot!

Went to Marina @ Keppel Bay last saturday to attend Vitamagra event, will blog about it sooon! So many new products to try out too!

It was my first time to Keppel Bay! And I think it’s quite a nice place for photoshoot. hoho. As usual le bf was waiting for me to finish my event. and he was just sitting opposite me at TCC. lol!!!

This is the view from TCC and I know one day I will book a yacht. HAHAHA! Maybe after 2years because I will be very tired for the next 2years but I KNOW ITS GONNA BE WORTH IT!

p1 photo IMG_20131012_155827_zps0d093ea5.jpg

prive1 photo IMG_0018_zps2fdf2361.jpg

Feeling paiseh cos we jumped ship from TCC to Privé. LOL! I mean TCC is almost everywhere and it’s very nan de that I go to Keppel Bay so of cos I should try out Privé right when their prices are comparable.

p2 photo IMG_20131012_162455_zps81d1cf66.jpg

prive2 photo IMG_0023_zps3f5729e5.jpg

I ordered a Smoked Salmon Salad. hehehe.

prive3 photo IMG_0027_zps798d9eaf.jpg

And he ordered a ultimate breakkie. There are mushrooms and rosti hidden underneath some more, it was such a surprise. haha!

prive4 photo IMG_0030_zps62b745a6.jpg

After brunch, actually not really brunch, it’s like late brunch and early dinner, so it’s probably a binner. -.- ok im being lame…

So after eating, we walked around and start shooting!
I’m very paiseh when it comes to shooting by my OWN BF. So some shots I might looked abit awkward. HAHA. Anyway thanks to the little black dress although abit loose!

prive5 photo IMG_0051_zpse2619dd0.jpg

Dress from Bugis, and surprisingly the material is good! And it’s only for 20bucks!
Floral heels from Marks and Spencer.

prive6 photo IMG_0066_zps136098ef.jpg

Love the above shot! So pretty!
and more shots of me again!

prive7 photo IMG_0098_zps70ce0a82.jpg

So I decided to push my teeth in, because I cannot stand it.

prive8 photo IMG_0105-Edit_zpsdd0af61d.jpg

prive9 photo IMG_0120_zps7829ca3f.jpg

prive10 photo IMG_0135_zps418a9c4e.jpg

This is my one of my fav shot too! ahhaa very natural and I looked more like me LOL! But I hate the color of my hair now, so I’m gonna dye it on Monday.

Shoes from Newlook.

We went to Gillman Barracks after that to recce the area as the bf is doing a pre-wedding shoot there tomorrow. So proud of him! hehehe.

prive11 photo IMG_0173_zpseb32fa7b.jpg
It’s quite a nice area, wished the day was still bright though so we can take more photos. End up with this instead but not too bad cos got feel. LOL! Thanks to the silhouette of the tree.

It’s always good to do things that you like! Like my bf’s hobby is photography and now he’s getting better and earning some little cash from it. And me? My hobby is blogging, reading and studying! STUDYING YES!!! I will blog about my wedding plans next post! Ciaoz!

And then last thing, ONE MORE WEEK TO TOKYO YO!!!! I’m gonna try to blog on the go! :D:D:D

Dunno why my photos always shrink and looked distorted, DAMN!

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