Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Season, Bugis Village

Ramen hunt this time round at Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu! I love how they have different themes for their restaurants!

So the first outlet I visited was 4seasons!
The usual me would order ‘Summer’ because it’s spicy but as I was having the runs that day I chose Autumn!

The order form!
You can choose the taste of the soup, the oil and the noodle texture.
I chose Normal, Normal and Hard! Cos I love hard noodles. hehe.

r1 photo IMG_20131014_182930_zps8fe718ac.jpg

And we have free flow of bean sprouts and boiled eggs! I see people finish the whole containers of taugeys lor!

r2 photo IMG_20131014_183240_zpsf8a5be1b.jpg

r3 photo IMG_20131014_183449_zpsd8a13a25.jpg

And here is my Autumn Ramen! yes! even their bowls fit the themes!
My autumn has fried mushroom in it, maybe that’s why abit oily? The meat is very goood! 😀

r4 photo IMG_20131014_184611_zpsa56fbcb7.jpg

and the bf has Winter Ramen, the pork looks so goood.

r5 photo IMG_20131014_190901_zpsb4f94f7f.jpg

Overall it was a good and affordable meal but I would opt for less oil and light taste of the soup, because both of us feel that the soup are quite thick and jelat after more sips.

Maybe santouka is still better? Oops, time to go back cos I forget the taste already. But maybe I can have ramen everyday for the next week so let’s see. 😉

4 thoughts on “Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Season, Bugis Village

  1. Santouka now very oily & salty wor… I prefer Keisuke but I always go for “light taste”, “less oil” and “soft”. ;-D

    yah lor next time must go light leh. huh really ah santouka oily and salty now?? but i realize ramen all msg loaded. HAHA

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