Mylife – The BRACES journey

I thought I should just blog about my braces (a detailed post) journey. This serves as a memory and also an informational post for you guys! =)

The dental clinic I went to is at IDENTAL, NORTHPOINT. I didn’t choose Mount Elizabeth for a reason, I thought Khoo Teck Puat and Mt E is the same, so I call KTP up and asked about the price. I was shocked when they told me i need to pay $1.9k for the downpayment, that was why I decided to switch to private clinic.

The forums that I went to talked about Idental UBI, Victoria dental care or something one. and many more.. only one lady post about Idental northpoint and she didnt elaborate much. I was actually quite skeptical about going to Idental Northpoint since there wasn’t much reviews on the net. T.T

But nevertheless I went ahead with my decision, cos it’s so near!

On the first appointment, I did xray and the mould thing, which costs me about $224.

The Second appointment (about 2-3weeks later), Mr tey went with me, nothing major, I thought he’s going to do extractions but never, dentist just explained to me about the types of braces and the costs etc. LOL im still a student so which one you think i choose? of course the normal metal one lor. that was $3,400 exclude gst. This appt is all about discussion so I don’t need to pay any amount of money.

So the next appointment would be extractions, I asked if the extraction can don’t wait for 1week or not, cos it’s like very long, and guess what he says? I can put on the braces on the day i extract, WOW. i was excited! Because i don’t need to walk around bogei, somemore that week i got interview in school!

But the dates were almost all taken, and so my extraction will take place first and 10days later then put on braces, walao i tell you i hear already damn sian. lol. but no choice. oh yah! dentist ask me to put on the top braces first then the following month then do the lower one.

The 3rd appointment I was supposed to do cleaning and extraction but he asked if i wanna postpone the extraction to the same day i put braces? and i thought for a moment and agreed to that, never even think about the pain. BRAVE ME!

the cleaning and polishing part costs me about $85, i haven’t clean my teeth for close to 10years :X so he used something special on my teeth which requires $20 more. woowooo. something call jumbo jet i think…

The 4th appointment I paid close to $1040 or 1050 if i remember correctly, $130 for extractions, one tooth $65, $800 for braces (first downpayment), and $25/$26 for the mouth wash, $12 for 2toothbrushes, and everything PLUS GST which equals to $1000+..

the injection sucks, really sucks, i really hate it when they inject into my gums!!! :@
the extraction is funny, the way the dentist pull my teeth out.
i hate the taste of blood in my mouth. -.-!
and i cant even slp after that cos my head hurts from the pain! but thanks to the painkiller i feel better, slightly better.

definitely a good experience, and i still have 2nd round to go. my gosh.

now let’s let the photos do the talking πŸ˜‰

this is the first day of braces, i think the cotton gauze is still inside
i remember jy once told me that she likes taking photos when she had her braces on, now i truely unds why. actually i dunno why, it’s just that feeling that you wanna open your mouth and smile. HAHA
i cant remember when is this
this is like about 1-2weeks later. haha. got slight changes already which is so good.

im really excited to see myself in straight teeth. Mr simon didnt want me to put braces because he prefer the old teeth, but i told him i dun wanna be ugly during my wedding photoshoot. LOL what a good excuse right? :X ok lah but really mah, once in a lifetime, i dun want my wedding photos to look ugly leh, i wanna laugh naturally and look pretty. HAHAHA.

everybody is telling me it’s worth it, and i really feel that it’s worth it. the ulcer, the pain, the soreness, EVERYTHING IS WORTH IT!

Another question that i received was, why didnt i put on invisalign?

firstly, im on a budget.
secondly, i actually can choose invisalign, cos eventually it’s still installment what. but i dun want because!!!

cannot see anything on my teeth, like that not cute, and no colors me dun like.

I dun like to see a fast transformation on myself. I want to be prettier slowly and not an instant change. HAHHAA SLAP MYSELF but it’s true. like that not fun anymore.

I’m going back to tighten my upper braces and also another 2extractions on 4th July. AND IM EXCITED FOR THE PAIN AND SORENESS !

When you feel sore means it’s tightening which is good, and i actually love the feeling of pain, sometimes.

If you want to put braces, you can check out this website – IDENTAL.they got 3outlets if im not wrong =)

every month i will update my teeth’s progress, THIS IS SO EXCITING!

15 thoughts on “Mylife – The BRACES journey

  1. i think you have better-looking chin and your nose looks much pointed after you have your braces. congratulations to you…

  2. Hi, got my braces up on 14 June 2013, upper braces too! Just wana tell you, JIAYOU JIAYOU!!~


  3. hellO! i jus did a wisdom tooth extraction at idental too. my doctor is Dr Tan and his awesome. and i was thinking of doing braces there too.. how long did your dentist say you will take?

    Hi, I think about 2yrs or plus?? hahaha.. Yes mine is Dr tan toooo!!! πŸ˜€

  4. hi there, I would like to ask you whats the price difference for normal and invisalign braces for your case?

    hello! mmm, if im not wrong, i think is 4-5k difference. you can make a call to enquire first? πŸ™‚

  5. Hello! I’m selling the Colgate braces toothbrush for $4 each! Its cheaper than buying branded or non-brand ones at National Dental Centre which can range from $5 to $11 EACH. For more details can email me at!

    Ive still got one left, I will contact you if I need more! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  6. Hey babe, I’m thinking of doing at Idental. Is it more expensive than other places like Mount E? And would you recommend your orthodontist? Thinking of doing at northpoint one too

    Yes I would recommend my orthodontist, cos i feel that he’s quite a perfectionist. And I guess it’s slightly more exp than MT E?

  7. Hi may i know how much did you spend on the whole braces journey so far?

    About $4k i would say!

  8. Hi! May i know how much you paid for the monthly installments? And are there any large sum payments apart from the 1st downpayment? Thanks!

    HELLO! $160.50 including GST per month, you have to pay more for the 1st payment about $800 and depends on what other services you do.

  9. Hello! May i ask if you extract your wisdom tooth and can you pay all by cash?

  10. Hello! May i ask if you extract your widsom tooth and also can it be paid all by cash?

    Hi Amelin do watch my video I have already answer to your question! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi! I’m thinking about going to NP iDental too since it’s so near for me as well! Would like to know the days your orthodontist are available there?

    He’s there almost everyday you can give a call! πŸ™‚

  12. so how much total did you pay for the braces,as in like everything,is it ard 5k?thanks coz im also planning to put braces

    1. hi clara, did I say about 4k+ in my video? you can watch it thanks!! πŸ˜€

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