Mylife – Surprise sweet treats; hawker food

On his birthday, I had a mini surprise for him, couldn’t do much as my teeth was aching like hell.

fail max, this picture.

2weeks ago, simon came and find me for dinner. (i wont go out during my exam period one, so usually exam period i will stay put at home. almost 12hrs staring at my lappy)

He gave me a surprise right after he read my blog post about the baggu backpack. lol. if you don’t know then refer to here.

He went to bakerzin to get me eclairs, LOL maybe because i kept having cravings for chocolatey stuffs! when im stress i tend to have many cravings.

the funny thing is that he actually told me that i walked pass him (i usually look at my phone while walking), he very ganjiong cos if i saw him, then he cant surprise me anymore.

i also got a strong feeling that he might be getting bakerzin for me. lol. i dunno why. together too long liao.


2eclairs but the packaging already so pretty!

left: chocolate, right: espresso

i super love the espresso one even tho im having chocolate cravings. it just taste fabulous! hahaa. but it’s $4.50 for one! SO EXP!

don’t really like the chocolate one, the chocolate feel abit ‘fake’ imo. but still i ate half of both, and im contented =D

next time should blog more about his surprises, SO I CAN GET MORE SURPRISES!

the next day,

actually when he’s here, it’s very hard to concentrate on my revision. cos sometimes he will talk to me about the stuffs he read, or things from newspaper, and i got really really distracted. LOL. so that day = totally not efficient at all.


decided to bring him to CHONG PANG!

all the aunties dancing.
we walked a few rounds then decided to get wanton mee.

not bad ah the line dance is directly infront of us. lol!

i really love going to hawker because it just feels very heartwarming, it’s like one big family like that, another thing is that, there’s so many varieties, and it’s cheap! cheaper than coffeeshop and food court. and i dun really like to eat at coffeeshop, because everywhere you go, the food is like the same, and it’s not really cheap PLUS you cannot be sure it’s yummy or not.

but hawker is different, it just seems like every stall is fab!


love grass jelly drink!

where’s your favorite hawker place to eat? 😀