Slim down with Claire: Tips to control your cravings

Hi guys I’m not in a very stable state right now.. I will probably blog about it soon, we will see how it goes okay.

I have been keeping this post for awhile, cos I wanted to do a video on it but I got lazy, I haven’t touch my camera for awhile and I mean a really long while. I have no mood to do a video at all.. mmm maybe soon..

But today I’m going to share my tips to control cravings. Sound pretty ironic because I’ve been eating alot lately due to whatever has been going on right now..

Let’s start with the post!

These are the things that I do which I think it worked well for me. πŸ™‚

Firstly, you need an awesome app.
I have this ‘diet calendar’ app on my tablet that I track and record every single thing that I eat daily. You can also upload the photos of the food you eat into the app!

Usually when I have craving for snacks or fast food, the first thing I do is to go through this app and look at what I have eaten for the day and for the past week before I decide to jump into the food trap. This works pretty well for me because if I see that I had some oily stuff in the afternoon then usually I will go clean at night.

Download it and try, maybe it will work for you!

2) Buy a small bowl
You know there are times when you just wanted to get some chips from a bag, but ended up eating the whole pack? That’s what happens to me in the past. Now what I do is to put them into a bowl and eat them without guilt!

3) Share with people!
I used to have cravings for chocolates and I tell myself that I’m going to eat maybe 3-5 out of that pack and because it’s always right infront of me on the desk, I finish it up. But when I’m with a friend, I usually just eat 3-5 like what I plan!. So sharing with someone is very important!! Share the calories also. LOL.

4) This point is somehow related to point 3! Put all temptations away please!
If you want to stop eating unhealthy stuffs, then you have to make the effort to put them away! This actually works well! If you don’t see, you don’t think then you won’t eat!

5) Prepare healthy snacks and fill yourself up every 2-3hours
Sometimes when I’m hungry, I tend to look for unhealthy food. So to prevent this, you can prepare small and healthy snacks for tea and break time! Fruits and yogurt would be good!

6) Drink lots of water
Drinking lots of water will make you feel full and if you want some extra taste, then add lemon or lime!

7) Remember what they use to say? Go for a walk if you have craving?
Sorry this doesn’t work for me! The more I walk the more I want to eat! So what you can do if you have craving is to gulp down a glass of ice water. And you got it, yea feel refreshed and cravings gone!

8) Plan days to indulge
I eat fast food on alternate fridays! That’s how I control my cravings on the normal days! And it also gives you something to look forward to!!

This is damn important, when I have like 4-5hours of sleep.. I really binge like mad.

How to control craving is a question that I always got from you, so here I am answering to it.

Hope it helps and thank you for reading this post! Send me an email if you have more questions. πŸ™‚